NDLR Modulation Matrix In Action

Multi-part, polyphonic MIDI arpeggiator modulates several of its own parameters      13/12/17

Conductive Labs has been in touch to tell us that they've just posted a video demonstrating The NDLR Modulation Matrix in action. A spokesperson told us, "In the video, the NDLR is modulating several of its own parameters. We were not modulating anything external this time, we'll do that in a future demo. Oh, and we didn't show the Sample & Hold (random) source, but it's in there."

They have also posted a video which walks through setting up modulation for one Arp. Modulation sources include Sine, Ramp (up or down), Square, PW, Saw, Sample & Hold, pitch bend, velocity, after-touch or a user defined Pattern created in the on-board pattern editor.  The first two modulation slots have a variable Probability setting.

A spokesperson said, "Much like a synth's LFOs, each source has adjustable Rate, Amount, and Offset. Rates can be synced or free running. For internally modulated destinations (inside The NDLR), the source is scaled to the parameter being modulated. For external CCs, the wave will be the full range of MIDI, 0~127. The wave will clip when Amount and Offset cause it to peak, just as you would expect! Yes, its mind blowing."

Conductive Labs opened an Indiegogo page a while back as people were asking where to get The NDLR after the Kickstarter ended. They say there's just a few days left to get it at the very discounted price.

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