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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur's Raumzeitmaschine can be remotely controlled via a plug-in      05/01/18

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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur has introduced another plug-in controllable device after their Schwerkraftmaschine. They tell us that the Raumzeitmaschine (space-time machine) is an exceptionally sounding tube reverb that creates a spatial sound which sounds very natural on the one hand, but also has a nice sound on its own on the other hand.

A spokesperson told us, "A combination of digital and analog components creates a unique reverb. The reverb is calculated by a processor and enriched by the typical analog sound of our devices. Due to the simple operation as with a musical instrument, you get directly to the right sound with only three parameters. All controllers are equipped with servomotors. Thus, the Raumzeitmaschine can be remotely controlled via a plug-in (AU, VST, AAX) from the DAW. All settings of the Raumzeitmaschine can be saved in the DAW with the song. The plugin preset management allows you to recall your favorite settings anytime."


  • True stereo tube reverb
  • Creates a unique reverb space
  • Two double triodes and input and output transformers per channel
  • Predelay, room size, density and decay time adjustable
  • Ethernet
  • Controllable via the website of the device or via plug-in (VST, AU, AAX)
  • Servomotors
  • Handmade manufacture quality

Pricing and Availability:
The space-time machine is made in Germany and costs 2.699,00 EUR incl. VAT.

The first devices will be available in the next few days.

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