Speed And Pitch Shifting For Mac And Windows

QuikQuak's Copula stand-alone software separates time from pitch in audio samples      15/01/18

Speed And Pitch Shifting For Mac And Windows

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QuikQuak tells us that Copula is a deceptively simple standalone software that separates time from pitch in audio samples. They say that time can be stretched from 25% to 400% and pitch by two octaves up and down and can also be frozen by a click of a button.
A spokesperson told us, "The registered version can also stream out audio as a wav file, live at the audio device's sample rate, allowing you to save your time and pitch alterations."


  • Changes time and pitch independently.
  • Can freeze time and run backwards at any speed.
  • Works perfectly for music and percussion with no user decisions needed.
  • Runs to 192Khz. With any input sample.
  • Stream output to WAV file.
  • Formant locking to preserve vocal pitch character.

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