Hexeract Synth Mixes It Up

A melding of samples, organic audio recording and the modular synthesis world      06/02/18

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Auddict tells us that their Hexeract is the new generation of software synthesizers.

A spokesperson said, "Hexeract is a limitlessly powerful software synth, which has vastly expanded the potential musical palette for all artists. Create sounds with Hexeract that you never before believed possible, with the resources and functions to create, indefinitely and infinitely. Never before have the true essence and complexity of modular synthesis, and the very best of organic recordings/samples been fused together so mightily. You have before you a powerful software synthesizer, multiplied with the added dimension of organic recording, leading to sonic possibilities not even remotely paralleled by any software or hardware currently available. Create sounds with Hexeract in seconds which, even if manually replicable (often not), could potentially take hours of manual sound design and editing."


  • Over 100+ Sampled Instruments
  • Synth Oscillators
  • Filters with Multiple Shapes
  • Up to 8 unis voices per OSC
  • 8x FX Modules
  • 42 Modulation Targets
  • Standalone, VST, AAX, x84 x64 bit versions
  • Compatible with all major DAWs
  • Resizeable (sharp picture even in 4k)
  • Import custom samples
  • Seamless sampler/synth integration
  • FM, AM, Cutoff-FM


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