Paulstretch As A Plug-In

PaulXStretch now available as AU and VST      13/02/18

Who can forget the super time stretch classic of Bieber's U Smile as processed to -800% by Paulstretch - a timestretching and formant shifting application for Windows/Linux? Well maybe a lot of you did, but as with the classic Gods Cricket Chorus - the super slowed down Crickets which exposed something quite beautiful and mesmerizing - such gems can be hidden in the most unlikely places. PaulStretch allowed much more extreme time domain manipulation than your usual timestretching - more often used to allow tempo matched samples and the like.

Good news, PaulXStretch is now available as an AU and VST Plugin for your DAW host - record the buffer into the plugin and tweak away to see if there's anything beautiful hidden in any of your own work.

PaulXstretch been adapted by developer xenakios as a VST2/AU plug-in. You can grab it here and feel free to donate.

As xenakios states on his blog:

The plugin is only suitable for radical transformation of sounds. It is not suitable at all for subtle time corrections and such. Ambient music and sound design are probably the most suitable use cases.

The plugin can either load an existing audio file from disk to process or it can capture audio from the plugin inputs. (The capture mode is started/stopped with the “Capture” parameter.)

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