6th Scale Classic Keyboard Models

Modeling, but not as you would expect      14/02/18

Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira Rolt has a passion for prog rock and for making scale models. Mash them together and see what happens..

He's put his talents to work on creating 1:6 scale models of classic keyboards and prog rigs from the music he clearly has a passion for. Both of these interests can lead to dangerous places for the obsessive mind, but Ronaldo  uses both to great affect. See above for the tiny Roland SH-3A, put to the tune of Vangelis' "Sword of Orion".

Here's the classic Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) setup circa 1975 featuring the Minimoog, Clavinet, Solina, Wurlitzer, EP 200A, Hammond C3/B3 (not sure which) and the Farfisa Compact Duo.

Ronaldo Rick Wright setup circa 1975

If this is the sort of thing that you enjoy, and frankly, what's not to, check out his Youtube channel for more diminuative renders of classic electronic and mechanical instruments.

More posts on his Facebook page.

Thanks to Xtopher for the spot





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