Jamie Lidell's Hanging Out With Audiophiles Podcast

Jamie talks to multi-Grammy Darrell Thorp      05/03/18

Jamie Lidell's Hanging Out With Audiophiles Podcast

Jamie Lidell is signed to Warp records, that in itself should be enough of a credential to get you interested, his use of his voice and technology to build up layered and looped music is impressive and he's a great singer.

But hes also now producing a podcast series called - Hanging Out With Audiophiles, where he's been speaking with some of the best in the business in an informal way - its good stuff - this week is Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Outkast and more). Well worth a listen, previous episodes have featured: Pat Carney, Susan Rogers, Jacquire King,  Dave Stewart, Blake Mills, Paul Epworth and many others.

Check out the series at jamielidellmusic.com




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