ALK - A Looper Crossed With A Sequencer

Mac-based software facilitates a unique arranged live-looping workflow      14/03/18 has released ALK2, an update to what they describe as a cross between a sequencer and a looper. It is available for macOS Yosemite or higher.

A spokesperson told us, "Like a traditional looper, clips are performed live and subsequently looped to create layers of sound. Like in a sequencer, the loops can be drawn, moved, copied, cut and pasted in a musical arrangement. When it’s time to perform the song, ALK will follow your arrangement, pressing the necessary virtual pedals to arm channels, trigger effects, and record and play loops at the right time - Freeing you to do what you do best: perform."

"With traditional loopers, it’s easy to get caught in an endless stack of loops that go nowhere, and eventually collapse under their own sheer weight and tedium. With ALK, you can create dextrous transitions between different chord changes and musical sections, keeping your tracks light, fresh, and engaging throughout. ALK has a host of innovative features that give you amazing, granular control of your sound - without distracting you with minutia."

Pricing and Availability:

Introductory price (until 10th April 2018): €159. Regular price: €199

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