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Pimp Your Ride With On Board 303 and 606 Dubai Style

Einmusik cruising in Dubai


Martyn Ware And The Musical Saw

Video interview spotlights the DC Noisemaker sample set with Martyn Ware and saw player David Coulter

Maroon 5 Mess With Their MASCHINE

Native Instruments releases a video showcasing the band's creative workflow


EMW Eurorack Sequencer Based On ARP 2500 In Action

EMW Synthesizers demonstrate their new MIX SEQUENCER module

iZotope Announces Music Production Bundle

Bundle for mixing, mastering, and vocal production features the all-new Ozone 7 Advanced

Rob Papen Creates Essential EQ Effects Plug-In

EQ from the RAW synth is expanded to create a plug-in for Mac and Windows

Play Ableton Synth With Any Audio Signal

Szk Devices releases free Audio2Synth MaxforLive plug-in

Is That Thing Missing From Your Tracks?

Beatskillz' multi-FX plug-in recreates the punch of older drum machines and synths

Abstract Data Octocontroller Patch Demo 3

Third part in this series of patch demos


Turn Your Windows Tablet Into A MIDI Controller's XotoPad 2 offers multi-touch control over chords, scales, faders etc.

Free Plug-In Aids Drum Mixing

Black Rooster's Canary for Mac and Windows is said to make your drums sing

Desktop Sequencer For Modulars And MIDI

Fyrd Instruments releases the SQR Analog & MIDI sequencer


Advanced Control Of Presonus Mixers

PreSonus Ships StudioLive CS18AI mix controller for StudioLive RM Mixers

Wanna See What The Moog Mother 32 Might Look Like?

This is the least bit official...

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Sonic LAB: MODOR NF-1 Digital Poly Synth

Dekstop hardware 8 voice with a twist

Presentation: Panorama P4 with Reaper

Multiple Instrument and Plug-in native mapping

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash 3 Reverb Pedal

Analog and digital circuit verb


1 Roland Boutique Synths Are With Us

Limited edition recreations of Jupiter-8, Juno-106 and JX-3P officially launched today

2 Novation Circuit - First Look

Exclusive look at the new groovebox

3 Roland's Boutique Synths In Action

JP-08, JU-06, and JX-03 get a video demo

4 Moog Mothership Has Landed

Mother 32 affordable modular

6 Kickstarter Campaign For 32-Knob MIDI Controller

Knobtronix Knobbee 32 is a high resolution, ergonomic USB-MIDI controller

More Videos

Modular Meets Leeds: Bitloader (Transistor Sound Labs) Live Rig 

Transistor Sound Labs show off their Stepper Acid

Sonic LAB: U-he Hive - DSP Efficient Powersynth 

Ben Crosland takes a look

Sonic LAB: MODOR NF-1 Digital Poly Synth 

Dekstop hardware 8 voice with a twist

Modular Meets Leeds: Blue Wolf Se7en Live Rig Setup 

A trio of Elektrons in this live rig