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New Sampled Virtual Instrument Library

Red Room Audio releases PALETTE - SYMPHONIC SKETCHPAD set of orchestral instruments

Wavetable Polysynth For Mac And Windows

Initial Audio's Sektor

Behringer Tease Synth With Naked Circuit Shot

No clues, but something new?

Recreate The Ambience Of 1980's Hits

Nomad Factory and Plugivery's 80's Spaces plug-in reproduces the typical reverbs of the time

Edit And Share Roland D-05/D-50 Patches releases a free D-05/D-50 editor/patch sharing utility

Korg's Synths In Software

KORG Collection now includes the ARP ODYSSEY and is on a reduced price offer

Dynamic Processing For iOS

FAC releases Maxima AuV3 automatic gain controller for iOS

A&H Updates GLD Digital Mixers

Latest firmware adds new FX and presets for popular microphones

World's Smallest And Cheapest Sequencer?

Accessory set and program transforms miniMO module into midiMO sequencer

Nord Piano Library Expands

Baby Upright compact short scale piano added

Friday Fun - Boomstar SE-80 And Freeze Machines

Epic mono with epic reverb

Podcast: Sonic TALK 518 - Christmas Special

Best of 2017, Sugar Bytes,

Free Sequencing App For iPad

sequle uses musical scales theory to produce MIDI notes

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Arturia MiniBrute 2 -A Brand New Brute

New structure, sequencer, bigger patchbay

Sonic LAB: Roland D-05 Boutique

Classic 80s LA Synthesis

Presentation: Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Mic Modeling System

Emulate multiple mics, change proxmity and axis on the fly with UA Hardware

Friday Fun - Roland D-05 And Dominion 1

80s LA Synthesis and Analog power


Universal Audio - New Arrow Bus Powered DSP Interface

Two channels, solo DSP for on the go

Arturia MiniBrute 2 -A Brand New Brute

New structure, sequencer, bigger patchbay

Behringer Reveals Vocoder/String Ensemble

VC340 seems to take its inspiration from the Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330

Help Behringer Clone An Oberheim OB-Xa

The UB-Xa Synthesizer is announced - Behringer invites you to chime in and participate

More Videos

SynthFest 2017: Expert Sleepers Release General CV 

Eurorack module puts General MIDI sound set under creative CV control

Sonic LAB: BT Phobos - Polyconvolution Synth 

From Spitfire Audio

Sonic LAB: NI Maschine MK3 Review 

Gaz Williams takes a look

Sonic LAB: Tip - Using 3rd Party Instruments With Live Drum Rack 

Accessing the Push Drum Interface