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Creative Compressor For Your Lunchbox

elysia announces mpressor 500 series module

PreSonus Ships Musician's Recording Mixers

StudioLive AR USB Hybrid Mixers are now available

Volca Kick Demo Video

Korg's chief engineer Tatsuya Takahashi shows you what it does

Bastl Instruments Mini Modular Synth

Kastle is a battery-powered synthesizer that will fit in your pocket

Control Session Keys From A Mobile Device

e-instruments introduces iOS and Android wireless control for Session Keys instruments

Improved Additive Synthesis For Reason

Parsec 2 Spectral Synthesizer for the Reason Rack adds new generators and modifiers

Arturia Introduces DrumBrute

Here's the official press release for the 100% Analog Drum Machine

Arturia Drum Brute - Analog Beats - In Depth Look

17 analogue voices, Beatstep Pro style sequencing

4-Channel Pattern Generator For Your Modular

QU-Bit Elelectronix Rhythm features a BPM display

Roland Updates JD-Xi Synth

See the newly-added functions in this video

Suzanne Ciani Speaks

Watch the synth pioneer's lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy

New Roland Gear Hits The Stores

DJ-808 DJ Controller, TR-09 Rhythm Composer, TB-03 Bass Line, and VP-03 Vocoder ship

Ladder Filter For Mac And Windows

Yooz Music releases Yooz Filter

Max For Live Arpeggiator And Sequencer

MIDIMood releases UArp for Ableton Live 9

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Ableton Live Starter Kit

Reverb SYNC's exclusive bundle aims to provide everything needed to begin creating music

Ableton Updated

Live 9.7 brings a bunch of new features to Push and sampling workflow improvements

Podcast: Sonic TALK 468 Modo Bass, Albion V, Neutron

Modulation Processor, visceral sound

More MIDI For Windows 10

Bluetooth, new wrapper for Win32 Apps

Whats a Bomebox and Why Would I Need it?

Hardware incarnation of Bome's MIDI Translator

Reactable's ROTOR App Turns iPad Into Electronic Music Performance Suite

Brings the reactable tangible music experience into the iPad for the first time

More Videos

BlueWolfSe7en Live At Leeds 

Performance and interview from Modular Meets

BPM2016: AIRA TR09, TR03 and VP-03 All Together 

David Ahlund gives us the low down

Cymru Beats 2016: VCOADSR New Live Setup and Performance 

I guess I've been trying to recreate a Korg Electribe all this time..

Sonic LAB: Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1 Blackbox Review 

Compact, desktop, analog, semi-modular - whats not to like?