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Analogue Solutions Treadstone synthBlock

Third model in the synthBlock series is coming soon

Ocarina Virtual Instrument For KONTAKT

Impact Soundworks releases the latest instalment of their VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS series

EHX New Volume Pedal Works For Keys Too

Dual impedance mode, tapered response

IK Multimedia Updates MODO BASS

Physical modelling virtual electric bass instrument gets new models and features

Podcast: Sonic TALK 515 - Alexa, How Old is JMJ?

MangledVerb, Soma Pipe, Hold music, Touch Foot

World's First Smart Acoustic Guitar

The HyVibe Guitar becomes its own connected speaker, multi-FX processor, recorder, and amp

Elektron Analog Rytm MKII Is Here

Latest version of the analog drum machine and sampler is now shipping

Instant Half-Speed Effect

Cable Guys HalfTime plug-in transforms audio into a dark, downtempo version of itself

Low-Profile, Colour-Coded Patch Cables 'A' Series cables are made for easy handling in densely-packed modular systems

Modular Synth In A Folding Cabinet Thought Box TB22++ features 3 oscillators and a Q960 Moog-style sequencer
29/11/17 Sample And Hold Module

Q157 SH++ has 5 sections including an LFO with square and sine wave outputs

Analogue Solutions Releases synthBlocks

The first in a series of small table top effects processors, and later synthesisers and sequencers

Granular Synth For Macs

Granulizer performs time-stretching, pitch-shifting, granular resynthesis and spectrum manipulation

Mylar Melodies on Logic Modules

Not as nerdy as you might think

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Friday Fun - Roland D-05 And Dominion 1

80s LA Synthesis and Analog power

Friday Fun - SH-01A Meets Lyra-8

Hooked up and jamming

Podcast: Sonic TALK 514 - Cakewalk RIP

MIDI Spec, Swan Audio, unusual gigs


Behringer Tease 11 New Synths and Drum Machines

6 synths, 5 drum machines listed

Korg Release New Minilogue in Grey

Looks pretty sweet too Publish Synth Sales Charts for 2017

Hot sellers - interesting reading

Kickstarter: HANSY1010 Synthesizer

French Hybrid Mono/Duophonic Synthesizer with analogue filter

More Videos

Ableton Live 10 - First Look 

At London's We Are Robots conference

Sonic LAB: Roland SH-01A Boutique 

Classic Roland SH-101 in ACB

First Look: Native Instruments Maschine MK3 

New hardware, new features

Synthfest 2017: Korg Kross2 - More Features Than You Might Expect 

Affordable workstation type keyboard