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Figure Updated

Version 2.0 of Propellerhead iOS music-making app adds new sounds


VST Bass Instrument For Windows

MaxSynths Bass Module features 64 original bass sounds

What Do You Want To Know About Tip Top Audio's Circadian Rhythm?

Good job they just released a tutorial

Synth JAM: Dreadbox Erebus Taster

Paraphony is your friend


Two Compressors For Mac And Windows

Klanghelm releases the MJUC and the free MJUC jr.

Summer NAMM 2015: Roland System 500 Analog Modular Synth

Prototype demoed at the show - watch the video


Free Synth Samples

Samples From Mars offers analog synths sampled to tape for Ableton, Logic and Kontakt

Circuit-Bent iPad Synth

Mayank Sanganeria releases

Plug-In Offers Distortion And Compression

Sknote announces Disto for Mac and Windows

Polivoks In Action

Vintage Russian duophonic analog synth demoed on video


Eventide H9 Harmonizer and More

Multi-effects for the guitarist live or in the studio


Karma-Lab Updates KARMA Software

Software applications updated for Korg Kronos, M3, M50 and Oasys


iOS MIDI Modulation Toy

midiLFOs controller app sends modulation control data to other apps and external synths

Free Greg Calbi Mastering Presets

iZotope releases preset library for Ozone users designed by legendary mastering engineer

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 413 - MikeMe and Heartbeat

Owl programmable module AudioBus Remote, Film Scores

Synth Works: The Portland Laboratories of 4ms

More shots from behind the scenes


1 Modal 008 First Patch Demos

The new analog poly gets voices

2 AIRA System 1m Plug-Out CV Integration

Roland's official channel release gets on an ambient tip

3 Podcast: Sonic TALK 413 - MikeMe and Heartbeat

Owl programmable module AudioBus Remote, Film Scores

4 Stekker 2015: Stimming - Scoring Un Chien Andalou

Live scoring of the famous surrealist film Un Chien Andalou

5 AIRA Modular Tutorial

Roland posts new AIRA Start video

6 Livid minim - Pocket Sized Wireless Controller

Kickstarter campaign launched for new controller

More Videos

Sonic LAB: Boomstar Oscillation - Eurorack Oscillator 

From Studio Electronics

Yamaha ReFace CP - Piano Exclusive 

More than meets the eye

Cymru Beats: Somatic Responses Live Rig 

Live modular performance setup

Meet The Makers - Dieter Doepfer 

The father of Eurorack