Sonic State Music Tech News

1950s Farfisa Suitcase Organ Sampled

Soundiron releases Microrgan for Kontakt

Sonic TALK 525: When You Meet Genius

Minimoog Raffle,Bupiter 8, Songwriting, ELK Music OS

EastWest Launches Hollywood Choirs Contest

Submit a composition for a chance to win ComposerCloud subscriptions

Free 303 For Kontakt

Ecliptiq Audio releases Magiq

Seurat Granular Engine For Kontakt

Advanced Grain Recombination Architecture instrument for sound design

Klevgrand Releases Grand Finale For iOS

Multi-FX processor can now be used on your iPhone and iPad

California Keys

Q Up Arts offers KONTAKT keyboard collection sampled in a Topanga Canyon studio

Specialised Bus Compressors

Bus Glue series features unique processing for drums, bass, guitars, vocals, keys and mix

Waves Improves Their F6 Dynamic EQ

Free update adds a real-time frequency spectrum analyzer

Mylar Melodies Talks Modular And More

Midierror Podcast also covers Aphex Twin and how to protect your hearing

Wah Wah And Envelope Filter Plug-In

Kuassa WF3607 Wah Filter for Mac and Windows features 6 filter modes

SNAP Adds Motion Control

Perform with Reactable's drum machine app for iOS just by moving

Dynamic EQ Uses AI To Assist Mixing

Toneboosters Equalizer 4 makes EQ suggestions dependent on audio content

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Sonic LAB: Output Analog Brass and Winds

Kontakt based hybrid library combines instruments with synths

Sonic LAB Presentation - Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer

We get a look at the new AIRA drum machine

Friday Fun: Behringer Neutron and DeepMind 12 Jam

With a couple of Arturia Keysteps

Sonic LAB: Arturia MiniBrute 2

New generation Brutes


Friday Fun: Behringer Neutron and DeepMind 12 Jam

With a couple of Arturia Keysteps

Free Wave Alchemy Drum Sample Pack

Evolve features 300 drum samples showcasing the Evolution drum machine

Behringer's Pro-One Clone Revealed

Yep, it's a desktop version of the 1980s Sequential Circuits monosynth

Spitfire Test iMac Pro Vs Mac Pro For Media Composition

How far can you go? Christian Henson tries to break it

10,000 Cylinder Recordings From 1800s On Archived Online

See what the kids were listening to way back

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Friday Fun - SH-01A Meets Lyra-8 

Hooked up and jamming

Sonic LAB Presentation - Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer 

We get a look at the new AIRA drum machine

NAMM 2018: Presonus Studio Live Series 3 Mixer 

Sonic LAB: Roland D-05 Boutique 

Classic 80s LA Synthesis