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Kano - Computers Anyone Can Make As Easy As Lego

Make a speaker, a dum machine a synth and more

Slate Digital Recreates The Distressor

FG-Stress is an official plug-in recreation of the classic compressor with Nuke mode

Podcast: Sonic TALK 466 - Imaginary Touch and Chin Trill

DM12 Augmented reality, Positive Grid, Synth Fest, Kraftwerk sold out and Pallette Gear

SampleTank 2 For iOS Gets New Instruments

New collections include American Acoustic, Billy Cobham Drums & Elektronika Indie Dance

How To Build Stadium Synth Sounds

One Direction's MD tales his Korg Kronos and shows you how

Wait, Did Behringer Just Unveil An AR Interface for DeepMind 12?

Yes they did, and it's kind of mind-blowing

Stompbox Captures Any Distortion Pedal Sound

Positive Grid announces BIAS Distortion – the first tone match distortion pedal

Super-Slow Reverb For Sloths

Tim Exile releases S L O W for Reaktor

Palette - Modular MIDI Controller

Design your controller to fit your needs

One Knob Harmonic Enhancement

Waves Audio Introduces the Greg Wells ToneCentric Plugin

Synth Builds Up Layers For Fatter Sounds

Prawave Audio announces RAPID polyphonic hybrid synthesizer

Free Brainworx Guitar Amp Sim

The bx_rockrack V3 Player offers a taster of the fully-featured bx_rockrack V3

Is This The Ultimate Delay Plug-In?

D16 Group and Slate Digital create the Repeater which models 23 vintage delay units

Animated Spectral Shifting For Mac Users

Sinevibes Shift 2.0 is based around a step-sequenced envelope generator

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The Big Elektron Analog Heat Video

We get a detailed look at the new analog processor from Elektron

Sonic LAB: Behringer DeepMind 12 Review

The new Behringer Poly - we take a look


6-Operator FM Synth For Your iPad

Bram Bos Phasemaker builds on the legacy of classic 1980s synths

Sonic LAB: Behringer DeepMind 12 Review

The new Behringer Poly - we take a look

Synchronise And Modulate Hardware Synth Parameters From Within Your DAW

Dialog Audio announces availability of Modulation Processor 3244 plug-in

Whats a Bomebox and Why Would I Need it?

Hardware incarnation of Bome's MIDI Translator

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Sonic LAB: Linnstrument Multidimensional MIDI Controller 

MPE enabled

Korg Volca Kick At Knobcon 

Get the Korg US take on it

BPM2016: Korg MicroKorg S Spotted 

Speakers are suprisingly beefy

Roland DJ808 - We Ask Questions 

Product Manager Nick provides answers