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Free Online Mastering Tutorials

iZotope offers free weekly educational materials to celebrate Mastering Month


Advanced Audio Interface Ships

The DiGiGrid IOC Audio Interface is now available

Arturia Announces Availability Of BeatStep Pro

Sequencing powerhouse hits the stores

New Akai MIDI Pad Controllers

MPD2 Series features backlit MPC Pads, multiple controls and included software


Yamaha ReFace CS - Exclusive First Look

One of Four today


Yamaha ReFace DX - Exclusive First Look

The second in the range has an FM engine


Yamaha ReFace YC - Exclusive First Look

For when you want to give your organ a taste


Yamaha ReFace CP - Piano Exclusive

More than meets the eye


Arturia BeatStep Pro Real Time Performance

S├ębastien is back on the BeatStep Pro


TC-Helicon VoiceLive Updates

VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive 3 Extreme get a set of user-requested feature updates

Synth Works: Hex Inverter

Top Secret Mutant Workshop


Manley Labs Redesigns Web Site

Now features extensive product info, dealer contact info, news and events, and videos

Cakewalk Announces SONAR Foxboro Update

Improvements in core SONAR functionality and more

New Sound libraries For SampleTank 3

IK Multimedia releases Future Synths and Hugh Padgham Drums

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 413 - MikeMe and Heartbeat

Owl programmable module AudioBus Remote, Film Scores

Synth Works: The Portland Laboratories of 4ms

More shots from behind the scenes

Roland JD-XA Review - Part 1

We look at the Analog engine


1 Modal 008 First Patch Demos

The new analog poly gets voices

2 AIRA System 1m Plug-Out CV Integration

Roland's official channel release gets on an ambient tip

3 Stekker 2015: Thijs de Vlieger of Noisia

We caught up with one third of the Drum and Bass trio to talk modular

4 Livid minim - Pocket Sized Wireless Controller

Kickstarter campaign launched for new controller

5 Stekker 2015: Mark Verbos

Mark talks philosophy of his designs

6 Stekker 2015: What is Studio Stekker?

Colin Benders explains the philosophy and point behind Studio Stekker

More Videos

Arturia Beatstep Pro Presentation Exclusive 

On the eve of release we get a good look

Stekker 2015: What is Studio Stekker? 

Colin Benders explains the philosophy and point behind Studio Stekker

Sonic LAB: Behringer X-AIR XR18 Digital Mixer 

So much power in a small package - but how does it perform?

Sonic LAB: AIRA System-1M Presentation 

Roland's new Eurorack ready Synth