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New Patches For Your JP-08

Ultimate Patches releases Roland JP-08 Ultimate Patches Volumes 1 + 2

Eventide Releases All Plug-Ins In One Bundle

Anthology XI includes all 17 plug-ins from the Anthology X bundle plus six more

Use A Mac Trackpad As A MIDI Controller

AudioSwift app gives it four controller modes for your DAW

Fully-Automatic Stem Creator Released

XTRAX STEMS separates any song into its drum, vocal and remaining music components

UK Electronic Music Event Announced

The Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music: Number Five - Birmingham, March 2018

3-Note Polyphonic Synth For iPad

DesignByPaul's PolySynth has MS20-style resonant filters
11/12/17 Publish Synth Sales Charts for 2017

Hot sellers - interesting reading

Touche Now Works With Windows

LiƩ software

New Monthly Podcast On Music Industry Topics

midierror meets features interviews with a range music industry people to encourage young people to get involved in music

Grid Sequencer For Mac And Windows

HY-Plugins releases HY-RPE VST

800MB Shift Library For 14 Euros From AudioModern

Mutated foley sounds and loops

Moogfest 50 Hour Live Music Stream-a-thon Now On

Showcasing leading international female and transgender artists

Synth Memes! T-Shirt Design Now Available

PWMKnown Pleasures

Podcast: Sonic TALK 516 -

Erebus over, Tueno USB analog, EHX volume, Hals Speed, Rainmaker

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Friday Fun - SH-01A Meets Lyra-8

Hooked up and jamming

Podcast: Sonic TALK 514 - Cakewalk RIP

MIDI Spec, Swan Audio, unusual gigs


New MIDI Features Outlined at ADC

More resolution, simpler controllers and NRPN

Analogue Solutions Releases synthBlocks

The first in a series of small table top effects processors, and later synthesisers and sequencers

New Midge Ure Orchestral Album Released

Titled Orchestrated - Produced with Sonic TALK's Ty Unwin

Behringer Tease 11 New Synths and Drum Machines

6 synths, 5 drum machines listed

Kickstarter: HANSY1010 Synthesizer

French Hybrid Mono/Duophonic Synthesizer with analogue filter

More Videos

Synthfest 2017: Analogue Solutions New Synth Blocks 

Mr Hyde, Strangelove and Treadstone synth voice

Sonic LAB: Tip - Using 3rd Party Instruments With Live Drum Rack 

Accessing the Push Drum Interface

Rebel Technology Show New Wizard Module 

For running PureData and GEM patches in hardware

Presentation: Arturia AudioFuse USB Audio Interface 

We get the skinny on the long-awaited new IO