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Sonic LAB: Softube HeartBeat Drum Instrument

Softube's first instrument explores vintage beats


MIDI Control From An Acoustic Guitar

ACPAD wireless MIDI controller offers access to instruments and loops from a guitar


Roland Boutique - Listen To The JP-08

Hear 27 factory patches on Soundcloud


Presonus Monitors Provide Ultra-Wide Imaging

PreSonus launches the Eris E44 and E66 MTM studio monitors

When Linnstrument Meets Kyma - video

Kyma 7 now supports LinnStrument and Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression

Drummers' Drummer's Drums Sampled

Rattly And Raw releases Martin France Drums, a drum kit instrument for Kontakt

Wavetable Synth For Reason

Orbis Rack Extension is a mono/poly synth with 4 oscillators, each with 14 wavetables


iOS Field Recorder With Warp Function

FieldScaper creates unusual sounds from any environmental audio recording or sample

Furniture Makes Your Studio Sound Better

Vicoustic JStand Acoustic Desks save space by including acoustic treatment


Authentic Russian Filters And Phaser From AVP

For the Polivoks sound - using authentic Russian components


New Sounds For Korg Krome

Kid Nepro's V5 Killer Keyboards features 64 new programs


Polyphonic Multidimensional Controller Sneak Preview

Check out the expressiveness of KMI Labs forthcoming K-Board Pro 4


Classic Synths And Drum Machines For Kontakt

Sonic Faction's Archetype Kontakt bundle features 8 legendary instruments

Roland Boutiques Arrive in Australia - Video

Kosmic Sound And Lighting have got them - none here yet

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Sonic LAB: Presentation - Whats New In iZotope RX 5

The audio restoration package gets more

Podcast: Sonic TALK 426 - From The Finger To The Mouth And Flesh

DBX GoRack, Tim Exile, Mandala V3 Drums, Markus Fuller JP-08

Sonic LAB: Roland Boutique JP-08

An iconic synth in DSP form

Podcast: Interview: Eric Mouquet from Deep Forest

From his synth cave deep in the heart of France

Sonic LAB: Roland Boutique JU-06

Pint size poly recreation of the juno 106


1 Alesis VX49 - A Smarter Keyboard Controller

New keyboard offers direct control of virtual instruments without a computer

2 Moog System 55 Modular Synth In Action

A sonic environment to explore the duality of connection and isolation

3 Vince Clarke Designs New Eurorack Module

IMAGINATOR VCX-378 generates musical patterns based on user-controlled variables

4 Podcast: Sonic TALK 426 - From The Finger To The Mouth And Flesh

DBX GoRack, Tim Exile, Mandala V3 Drums, Markus Fuller JP-08

5 New Roland SYSTEM-500 Modules

Something to put in that new Roland Eurorack case, then...

6 Roland Introduces Its First Eurorack Case

The SYR-E84 fits AIRA modular electronic instruments as well as standard Eurorack modules

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Sonic LAB: U-he Hive - DSP Efficient Powersynth 

Ben Crosland takes a look

A Visit To Moog SoundLab UK 

Finlay Shakespeare runs us though what the UK SoundLab is all about

Sonic LAB: Presentation - Whats New In iZotope RX 5 

The audio restoration package gets more

Sonic LAB: Novation Launchpad Pro Review 

New features and plenty of colour