News / From: Accusonus
Regroover Updated
Accusonus' beat-making tool gets new features including better DAW integration

25-Aug-17    full story...

Regroover Beat Manipulation Tool Updated
Accusonus releases Version 1.5 of the plug-in that can unmix loops

13-Jun-17    full story...

Single-Knob Reverb Removal
Accusonus releases ERA-R dereverberation plug-in

21-Mar-17    full story...

One Knob To Denoise Them All
Accusonus releases ERA-N single-knob denoise plug-in for Mac and Windows

21-Feb-17    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Accusonus Regroover Pro AI Beat Machine
Separate audio into separate tracks and groove away

15-Feb-17    full story...

Artificial Intelligence Beat Machine
Accusonus Regroover for Mac and Windows aims to extends traditional music sampling

20-Sep-16    full story...

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