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Acustica Introduces AZURE Mastering Tool
Zino Mikorey's holographic three dimensional sound in a plug-in

23-Feb-18    full story...

D.W. Fearn VT-5 Vacuum-Tube EQ Emulated
Acustica Audio releases RUBY VST/AAX/AU plug-in

31-Jan-18    full story...

Channel Strip For Mac And Windows
Acustica Audio releases Honey plug-in

19-Jun-15    full story...

Mastering Compressor Plug-In
Acustica Audio releases Aquamarine for Mac and Windows

02-Mar-15    full story...

1980's American EQ Inspires Plug-In
Acustica Audio releases Orange Eq

18-Sep-14    full story...

Free Preamp Emulation
Acustica AcquaVox for Mac and Windows is designed for adding warmth to recorded instruments

23-Nov-10    full story...

Copycat Plug-In For Free
Nebula 2 Free is designed to emulate numerous types of audio equipment

04-Jan-07    full story...

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