News / From: Alessandro Cortini
  Alessandro Cortini In The Studio Pt 3
Fire up the Buchla 200

14-May-15    full story...

  Interview - Alessandro Cortini Part 2
More wonderful Buchlas

11-Apr-15    full story...

  Interview: Alessandro Cortini's Synth Cave
Part 1 of an extraordinary chat

03-Apr-15    full story...

  NAMM 2015: In Conversation with Alessandro Cortini
The Nine Inch Nails synth guru gives us a look at his make noise rig

25-Jan-15    full story...

New Alessandro Cortini Album - SONNO
Made on tour with NIN using a Roland MC-202

15-Jul-14    full story...

Buchla Easel Performance From Alessandro Cortini
A very musical dude

05-Mar-14    full story...

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