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Antelope Audio Ships New Interfaces
DISCRETE 8 and DISCRETE 4 mic preamp interface and mic modelling bundles now available

14-Dec-17    full story...

Antelope Audio Announces New Audio Interface
Desktop DISCRETE 4 has 4 console-grade microphone preamps

31-Oct-17    full story...

Antelope Audio Expands Effects Library
Adds four vintage compressors for its Thunderbolt and HDX audio interfaces

06-Sep-17    full story...

Antelope Audio Ships Latest Audio Interface
Orion Studio HD with HDX and USB 3.0 is now available

06-Jul-17    full story...

Six New Vintage Compressors
Antelope Audio adds to its library of FPGA vintage hardware-based effects

02-Jun-17    full story...

News From Antelope Audio
Orion Studio Rev. 2017 is available now, Goliath HD preorders have started

15-May-17    full story...

  MESSE 2017: Orion Studio Refreshed
Antelope Audio announces refresh of their pro audio interface at Musikmesse 2017

07-Apr-17    full story...

  MESSE 2017: Antelope Audio Goliath HD - New Flagship Inteface
Marcel runs us through the features of the new interface

06-Apr-17    full story...

MESSE 2017: Antelope Audio Launches Flagship Interface
Goliath HD is a new Thunderbolt/USB3.0/HDX Port/MADI pro audio interface

06-Apr-17    full story...

Antelope Audio's Orion32 HD Ships
HDX and USB 3.0 audio interface is now available

22-Mar-17    full story...

Antelope Audio Introduces Zen Studio+
Portable professional audio interfaces makes its debut this month

17-Feb-17    full story...

  MESSE 2016: Antelope Audio Zen Tour
High end portable Thunderbolt and USB audio interface with touch screen

09-Apr-16    full story...

  MESSE 2016: Antelope Audio Goliath Audio Interface
Billed as their most impressive sounding and versatile interface yet

08-Apr-16    full story...

  MESSE08:Super Studio Clock Sources from Antelope
Atomic clock source for the anti-jitter nut

18-Mar-08    full story...

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