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Free Drum Machine For Kontakt
Autodafe XoX Box features sampled Roland TR-606, -707, -808 and -909 sounds

05-Jun-17    full story...

Free Casio VL-1 Virtual Instrument
Get the sounds of Trio's Da Da Da from the original calculator-style synth

04-May-17    full story...

Prophet 600 For Kontakt
Autodafe sample the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

03-Apr-17    full story...

Analog Drum Machine For Kontakt
Autodafe DRM32 is based on samples of well-known analog drum machines and synths

06-Feb-17    full story...

Free Library Of 150 Drum Machines
Autodafe releases Mega Drum Machines Collection for Kontakt

04-Jan-17    full story...

Italian Combo Organs For Kontakt
autodafe samples Farfisa and Crumar instruments

17-Aug-15    full story...

Free VSTi Organ
Autodafe release B8 Organ for Windows

13-Nov-09    full story...

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