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Avid Introduces New Pro Tools Licensing
Provides access to future cloud features and software upgrades through March 2016

14-Oct-14    full story...

Compact Control Surface For Pro Tools
Avid announces the Pro Tools | S3 desktop control surface

13-Oct-14    full story...

  NAMM 2014: Avid S3L Live Desk - Chat With Product Manager
Compact Live system uses Venue software at core

28-Jan-14    full story...

Avid Unveils S6 Control Surface
Designed to redefines sound recording, mixing, and editing

13-Sep-13    full story...

Avid Announce New Modular Live Desk S3L
Powered by AAX and Venue with network connections

29-May-13    full story...

  MESSE13: Pro Tools 11 Overview
We get an overview of the new Audio Engine

10-Apr-13    full story...

Pro Tools 11 Announced
New audio engine, 64-bit architecture, and expanded metering

08-Apr-13    full story...

Avid Announces A Live Sound Webinar
Mixing and recording tips from Ken Pooch Van Druten

04-Mar-13    full story...

AVID Inc. Under Financial Investigation
Shareprice down, website back online

27-Feb-13    full story...

Avid Announces Pro Tools Thunderbolt Interface
Pro Tools|HD Native is now available in a Thunderbolt interface or PCIe card

13-Sep-12    full story...

High-Resolution AAX EQ Plug-in For Pro Tools
Avid introduces Massenburg Design Works Hi-Res Parametric EQ v5

28-Aug-12    full story...

Avid Releases VENUEPack 4
Plug-In Suite and Real Time Analyzer for VENUE Digital Consoles

02-Aug-12    full story...

Avid Releases Latest Version Of Sibelius First
Claimed to be the fastest, easiest way to write and share music

27-Apr-12    full story...

MESSE12: Pro Tools Express Now Included With Mbox
Avid Mbox and Mbox Mini now come with 16-tracks of Pro Tools power

21-Mar-12    full story...

  WNAMM12: Avid Venue SC48 With Robert Scovill
The latest live sound technology

21-Jan-12    full story...

WNAMM12: Avid Unveils VENUE SC48 Remote Digital Live Sound System
Stage 48 Remote I/O Box and VENUE 3 Software further enhances flexibility and power

19-Jan-12    full story...

Specially Designed Pro Tools Bundle For Guitarists
Avid announces Pro Tools + Eleven Rack

25-Nov-11    full story...

AESNY11: Latest Pro Tools Revealed
Avid unveils new Pro Tools HDX and Pro Tools 10 software

24-Oct-11    full story...

Sibelius 7 Integrates Samples, MusicXML And More
Flagship scoring package comes of age

27-Jul-11    full story...

Avid Release Scorch Sheet Music App For iPad
Practice, perform and purchase music on the go

10-Jun-11    full story...

MESSE11: Avid Announces Pro Tools MP 9
New bundles for home and project studios pair M-Audio interfaces with new Pro Tools MP software

07-Apr-11    full story...

Avid Releases Eleven Rack Expansion Pack
Guitar amp and effects processor, gets new features and enhancements

24-Mar-11    full story...

Avid Announce New MBox Family Options
Portable personal recording systems now available with or without Pro Tools

15-Mar-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Avid Introduces Artist Series Support For Windows 7
Windows users can now enjoy faster, more intuitive workflows using MC Control, MC Mix and MC Transport

14-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Avid's Updated Eleven Rack
Full Video Demo

14-Jan-11    full story...

WNAMM11: New Mbox Family Options
Portable personal recording systems now available with or without Pro Tools

14-Jan-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Expand Your Eleven Rack
Avid's Eleven Rack Expansion Pack includes expanded guitar amp emulation and more

14-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Avid Torq 2.0
New version of the DJ software from Avid

13-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Avid Venom
Demonstration of the new M-Audio synthesizer

13-Jan-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Next-Generation DJ Software
Avid announces Torq 2.0

13-Jan-11    full story...

Pro Tools 9 Now Software Only DAW
We never thought we'd see the day

05-Nov-10    full story...

Avid Introduces New Pro Tools SE Bundles
Designed to let consumers record music at home with the same tools used by the pros

04-Nov-10    full story...

Avid Introduces Pro Tools HD Native
Pro Tools HD software running entirely on computer CPU host-processing power

07-Oct-10    full story...

Avid Unveils New Lineup Of Creative Music Tools
New Mbox family, Pro Tools SE and more...

23-Sep-10    full story...

Avid Beef Up Tools Interface Range
I feel a slew of trade-ins coming

17-Aug-10    full story...

New M-Audio Axiom Keyboard Controllers
Avid unveils new versions of Axiom 25, Axiom 49 and Axiom 61

14-Jul-10    full story...

Avid Introduces MADI Option Card For VENUE
Greater signal routing flexibility and easy VENUE connectivity into any MADI environment

10-Jun-10    full story...

Euphonix Is Now Avid
Joins Digidesign, M-Audio.....

11-Apr-10    full story...

New Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack
Features Five Virtual Instruments

29-Mar-10    full story...

From Now On, M-Audio Is Avid
M-Audio Going The Way Of Digidesign

18-Feb-10    full story...

Pro Tools Wins Again
Avid Digidesign Pro Tools 8 and VENUE Mix Rack receive top honors at the 25th Annual TEC Awards

13-Oct-09    full story...

Pro Tools For All
A trio of new Pro Tools Essential bundles aims to put home recording studios within reach of anyone

10-Sep-09    full story...

Music Creation Software For Kids
Avid announces availability of Groovy Music City for 7- to 12-year-olds

23-Jun-09    full story...

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