News / From: Cymru Beats 17
  Martin Dubka Live performance At Cymru Beats 17
We take a look at his rig too

22-Jun-17    full story...

  Dr John Biddulph Live from Cymru Beats 17

21-Jun-17    full story...

  Mylar Melodies Live From Cymru Beats
And a look at his setup too

20-Jun-17    full story...

  Wisdom Water Live From Cymru Beats
And a tour of his setup

19-Jun-17    full story...

  Ian Boddy And Nigel Mullaney Live From Cymru Beats
And a look at their setup

19-Jun-17    full story...

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MESSE 2017: Booth - Lots of Lovely Modulars 

Martha shows us round the booth

Superbooth 17: Modor NF-1m A Little Mini Synthesizer 

We also got a look at their prototype Eurorack formant filter

Superbooth 17: Thonk/Music Thing Modular New Modules For 2017 

A whole host of modules and updates to the line

Superbooth 17: Serge Modules Reissues 

In 4U and Eurorack formata

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Into The Abyss - A Look at the Greek Poly With Gaz Williams 

Gaz Williams has one and he brought it round

Superbooth 17: Ableton Connection Kit Controls Robots 

Max For Live connectivity kit creative uses

Superbooth 17: U-He Repro 5 - Polysynth 

poly version of the Repro-1

MESSE 2017: Axel Hartmanns 20k Synth 

Hewn from solid aluminium