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Cymru Beats Artists Announced
Cardiff's own Modular Meet June 17th

17-May-17    full story...

  John Biddulph Modular And Sax - Live at Cymru Beats 16
Live sax processing, sequencing and modular all together

01-Jul-16    full story...

CYMRU Beats 2016 Modular Meet - June 18th - Cardiff
A day of synths and performances

09-Jun-16    full story...

Live Blog: Cymru Beats - Modular Synth Meet
Cardiff Modular meet

26-Jun-15    full story...

CYMRU Beats Synth Meet Cardiff -Prizes
We'll be there too - are you going?

08-Jun-15    full story...

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Hook up your KMI, ROLI or suchlike

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More portable version of the legendary filter

Sonic LAB: Cubase 9 Update What Can It Do For You? 

Gaz Williams gives us some insight into the new version

MESSE 2017: Celestion Axi2050 - Holy Grail of Drivers? 

300-20,000Hz with No Crossover - really?!

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Superbooth 17: Floor Walk Day 2 

Yes we did get lost, but nevermind..

MESSE 2017: Wave Field Synthesis: Fraunhofer Flat Panel Speakers 

A lot of technology crammed into a small space

MESSE 2017: Scrambler & Classic Pedals From Ampeg 

Ampeg SCR-DI spawns new offspring

MESSE 2017: IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors Sound Big 

Compact monitoring solution