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Dreadbox and Polyend Are Making A Monster - Medusa
Part sequencer and part Dreadbox analog

15-Mar-18    full story...

Win The Very Last Dreadbox Erebus V2
Grab the last of the production run in a photo contest

19-Dec-17    full story...

End Of The Erebus
Dreadbox says that production of the Erebus V2 will be stopped by the end of the year

05-Dec-17    full story...

Dreadbox Abyss In Action
New video shows off the sound capabilities of the 4-voice analog synthesizer

18-Oct-17    full story...

Build Your Own Dreadbox Analogue Monosynth
Hades DIY Kit features a single VCO synth built into a cardboard box

10-Oct-17    full story...

Win Dreadbox Prizes At Synthfest
A Case94 and £250 worth of White Line Modules are up for grabs in a raffle

06-Oct-17    full story...

New Dreadbox Synth - Medusa
Three Osc, sequencer with memories

11-Jul-17    full story...

  Into The Abyss - A Look at the Greek Poly With Gaz Williams
Gaz Williams has one and he brought it round

09-Jul-17    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Dreadbox NYX - Analogue Desktop Synth
More from Greece's finest synthesizer manufacturers

20-May-17    full story...

  NAMM 2017: Dreadbox Abyss Four Voice Poly
With interesting modulation possibilities

20-Jan-17    full story...

Dreadbox Nyx In Action
Demo video posted for the Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer

22-Dec-16    full story...

Dreadbox Nyx Analog Paraphonic Synth
Hardware desktop synth is now available for pre-order

19-Dec-16    full story...

Dreadbox Announces Murmux V2 Synth
Only 50 of the analog paraphonic synthesizers to be released in a limited edition

15-Aug-16    full story...

  Meet The Makers: Yannis From Dreadbox
Greek synth manufacturer talks

29-Jul-16    full story...

  Superbooth 2016: Dreadbox Drips Drum Synth, Hades Mono
Affordable bass synth, flexible drum voice

01-Apr-16    full story...

Dreadbox Hades Analog Bass Synth Available For Pre-Order
Hardware unit will be shipping later this month

11-Nov-15    full story...

  Sonic LAB: DreadBox Erebus - Desktop Semi Modular Synth
Our new synth best friend

20-Jul-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Dreadbox Erebus and More
See the Erebus and the new range of CV guitar pedals

19-Apr-15    full story...

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