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DEVO Signature Guitar
Eastwood Guitars announces new Custom Shop version of the 1967 La Baye 2x4

16-Dec-14    full story...

Design An Eastwood Guitar
Eastwood Guitars announces new Eastwood Custom Shop Design Center

08-Dec-14    full story...

Link Wray Tribute Guitar
Eastwood Guitars partners with artist Vince Ray to create a collectible for fans of the 'Rumble' guitarist

24-Nov-14    full story...

Eastwood Guitars Sale
Save up to 30% on a huge selection of B-stock and demo guitars, basses and gigbags

22-Jul-14    full story...

Limited Edition Airline '59 2P In Gold Metal Flake
Only 24 made in this colour

05-Feb-14    full story...

Guitars Like Dan Auerbach's
Two new Airline models pay tribute to the 1960's Harmony H78

23-Dec-13    full story...

Airline '59 Newport With A Piezo
Eastwood's new model features two Mini Humbuckers and a Piezo pickup in the bridge

05-Nov-13    full story...

Airline Map Guitar In Sunburst
Eastwood announces a limited run of 16

31-Oct-13    full story...

Sky Blue Resonator
Eastwood releases a limited run of the Airline Folkstar

28-Oct-13    full story...

New Guitar Replicates A Vintage Paul Bigsby Design
Eastwood introduces the Marksman 5 based on a 1957 Magnatone Mark V

20-Sep-13    full story...

Three Limited Edition Eastwoods
Mandocaster, Classic 4 Bass and Classic 12 in new colours

03-Jul-13    full story...

Do You Want A Bright Green Guitar?
Airline Metallic Margarita H44 DLX Limited Edition available now

14-Jun-13    full story...

Two New Limited Edition Airline Guitars
Dallas Green Signature and Airline Jupiter PRO are now available

05-Jun-13    full story...

Eastwood Updates The Warren Ellis Tenor Guitar
Mini humbucker added plus new sonic blue colour

15-Apr-13    full story...

New Eastwood Instruments
Eastwood Guitars releases 6 new Limited Production instruments

22-Mar-13    full story...

Limited Availabilty Eastwood Guitars
Airline MAP in black and gold and some rare lefties

21-Dec-12    full story...

12 Strings In Blue
Eastwood releases a limited edition run of just 24 Classic 12 Strings

10-Oct-12    full story...

G. Love Signature Guitar
Airline Black and Blue releaeased with special early price

28-Jun-12    full story...

Eastwood Introduces New Full-Scale Basses
Free hardshell case if you order one of the three new models before July 1st

26-Jun-12    full story...

Vintage Car Illustrations Inspire New Guitars
Limited edition two-tone '59 Airline Catalina 2P LTD guitar is first in a new series

07-Jun-12    full story...

Six-String Bass With A Wang Bar
Eastwood Guitars introduces the Sidejack VI in the spirit of the Fender Bass VI

11-Apr-12    full story...

Get Yourself Some Cheap Gear At The Thursday Lunch Deal
Special offers from Eastwood Guitars

02-Feb-12    full story...

Buy One Guitar, Get One Free
Buy an Eastwood Classic Series guitar and get your choice of any Valco guitar

06-Dec-11    full story...

Airline Tuxedo Gets Bigsby
Black and white Tuxedo-CB features a Bigsby B-50 attached to a central block

24-Aug-11    full story...

New Black Keys Style Guitar
Airline '59 Custom Coronado is a tribute to the old Supro used by Dan Auerbach

05-Aug-11    full story...

Buy An Electric 12-String, Get A free Compressor
Eastwood Classic 12 comes with a Valco Under Pressure stompbox this week

02-Jun-11    full story...

Electric Tenor Guitar In Cherry Red
Eastwood announce a limited run of their Warren Ellis Signature Tenor Guitar

21-Mar-11    full story...

Eastwood And Randy Bachman Collaborate On New Guitar
Airline Tux Deluxe features custom coil-tapped pickups

04-Mar-11    full story...

Airline Gets Sinister
Limited quantities of left-handed models introduced

01-Feb-11    full story...

Eastwood Guitars In The UK
Canadian guitar company is now up and running in Liverpool

12-Nov-10    full story...

Grinderman-Style Tenor Guitar Shipping Soon
Eastwood are taking orders for their Warren Ellis Signature Tenor guitar

13-Oct-10    full story...

Electric Mandola
Eastwood Guitars ship the new Airline Electric Mandola

06-Aug-10    full story...

Eastwood Launch Doral Electric Jazz Guitar
New archtop based on the L5 features humbucker and single coil sounds

21-Jul-10    full story...

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