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Guitar Pedal Offers Vintage Synth Sounds
The Electro-Harmonix SYNTH9 Synthesizer Machine offers 9 preset sounds

21-Feb-17    full story...

New EHX Delay And Looper Pedal
The Canyon offers ten effects plus a fully featured looper

09-Feb-17    full story...

Mellotron Sounds From A Stompbox
Electro-Harmonix introduces the Mel9 Tape Replay Machine

16-Mar-16    full story...

  NAMM 2016: Electro Harmonix New Pedals
Five new pedals from EHX for 2016

23-Jan-16    full story...

EHX Super Space Drum Analog Drum Synth
Electro-Harmonix puts 1979 vintage circuitry and sounds in a modern package

13-Jan-16    full story...

Two New EHX Rotary Speaker Pedals
Electro-Harmonix Lester G is for guitarists, Lester K is for keyboard players

06-Jan-16    full story...

New Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper
Stompbox looper offers 12 minutes of stereo recording time on 10 independent loops

15-Dec-15    full story...

Analog Drum Synth Reborn
New version of the EHX Crash Pad is based around an original unit from 1980

03-Nov-15    full story...

Electric Piano Sounds From A Guitar
Electro-Harmonix posts a video of their new KEY9 pedal in action

08-Sep-15    full story...

Electro-Harmonix Tease With New K9 Pedal Pic
It looks like you'll be able to play electric piano from a guitar pretty soon

21-Aug-15    full story...

New EHX Stompbox Reduces Noise
Electro-Harmonix Silencer noise gate hits the stores

12-Aug-15    full story...

EHX Dual Stereo Looper Ships
22500 hits the stores - watch the new demo video

31-Jul-15    full story...

Summer NAMM 2015: Dual Stereo Looper Pedal
Electro-Harmonix 22500 Dual Stereo Looper offers two loops at the same time

13-Jul-15    full story...

Summer NAMM 2015: New EHX Noise Gate
Electro-Harmonix introduces The Silencer Noise Gate/Effects Loop

13-Jul-15    full story...

Petite Pog
Electro-Harmonix introduces the Nano POG - the smallest member of the POG family

22-Apr-15    full story...

New Nano-Sized EHX Reverb Stompbox
Electro-Harmonix introduces the Holy Grail Neo with spring, plate and hall sounds

18-Mar-15    full story...

The EHX Bad Stone Is Back
Six-stage 1970's phaser gets a re-issue

11-Mar-15    full story...

EHX Looping Pedal In Action
Bill Ruppert demonstrates some sample tricks in this new video with the 360 Nano Looper

05-Mar-15    full story...

New EHX Vibe Pedal
Good Vibes pedal shows off its Uni-Vibe sounds in a new video

25-Feb-15    full story...

  NAMM 2015: EHX B9 Organ Machine In Action
Turn your guitar into a classic '60s organ

04-Feb-15    full story...

New Stompbox Offers 60's Octavia Sounds
EHX show off their Octavix in a new video

29-Jan-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: New Electro-Harmonix Tremolo Pedal
Super Pulsar offers different waveforms and rhythmic patterns

20-Jan-15    full story...

See Inside A Tube Factory
Electro-Harmonix posts a video of their facility in Saratov, Russia

15-Jan-15    full story...

Legendary Flanger Updated
EHX announces the Deluxe Electric Mistress XO

13-Jan-15    full story...

EHX Announces The Bass Soul Food
Klon-style overdrive for bass players and low end merchants

06-Jan-15    full story...

Another Guitar Organ Stompbox
The Electro-Harmonix C9 organ machine has a different set of organ sounds to the B9

03-Dec-14    full story...

Clockworks In Action
Electro-Harmonix posts videos of its reissued rhythm generator/synthesizer

24-Oct-14    full story...

Electro-Harmonix Introduces The Pitch Fork
See the polyphonic synthesizer-generator stomp box in action

08-Oct-14    full story...

The Electro-Harmonix Clockworks Returns
EHX announces reissue of the 1978 rhythm generator/synthesizer

17-Sep-14    full story...

EHX Overdrive And Reverb In One Pedal
Turnip Greens combines the Soul Food and the Holy Grail Max

17-Sep-14    full story...

EHX Nano 360 Looper In Action
New video shows off the compact looper pedal

11-Sep-14    full story...

Compact, Affordable, Pedal Looper
Electro-Harmonix introduces the Nano Looper 360

03-Sep-14    full story...

Distortion For Bass Players
EHX posts a video demo of the Nano Bass Big Muff

18-Jul-14    full story...

Education On Modulation Part 3
Electro-Harmonix posts a video on phase shifting

26-Jun-14    full story...

Turn Your Guitar Into An Organ
EHX introduces the the B9 Organ Machine - check out the video

19-Jun-14    full story...

Deluxe Big Muff Demo
Electro-Harmonix posts a video by the man who runs a website dedicated to Big Muffs

05-Jun-14    full story...

Tremolo And Vibrato Explored And Explained
Electro-Harmonix posts the second video in their Modulation Eduction series

02-Jun-14    full story...

Organ Sounds From Your Guitar
Electro-Harmonix shows a teaser pic of their B9 Organ Machine

29-May-14    full story...

Small Box Big Muff For Bass
Electro-Harmonix announces the Nano Bass Big Muff

21-May-14    full story...

The New EHX Deluxe Big Muff Pi: Revealed
Oh, you can control the mids with an expression pedal? AWESOME!

19-May-14    full story...

Modulation Education
Electro-Harmonix post a new video all about flanging and chorus

19-May-14    full story...

The Sounds Of The Far East Created With EHX Pedals
Watch the Electro-Harmonix Effectology Vol. 28 video

01-Apr-14    full story...

EHX Flagship Overdrive/Distortion In Action
Take a look at the new Electro-Harmonix EHX TORTION video

21-Mar-14    full story...

  MESSE 2014: Electro Harmonix Overdrive goodness VIDEO
9 new overdrives from Electro Harmonix

18-Mar-14    full story...

EHX Demonstrates New Reverb Stompbox
Check out the Holy Grail Max in the latest Electro-Harmonix video

25-Feb-14    full story...

Latest Electro-Harmonix Looper Gets A Workout
EHX video shows it in action with pianist Jacob Collier

18-Feb-14    full story...

I'm A Lumberjack And I'm OK
New Electro-Harmonix Lumberjack pedal delivers logarithmic overdrive

07-Jan-14    full story...

Electro-Harmonix Show Off Their Alternative To A Klon Centaur
See and hear the Soul Food in action in a new video

16-Dec-13    full story...

Big Muff, Small Box
Electro-Harmonix introduces the Nano Big Muff Pi

25-Nov-13    full story...

EHX Reveal New Foot-Controlled Pitch Shifter
See the Slammi Polyphonic Pitch-Shifter/Harmony pedal in action

23-Oct-13    full story...

New EHX Bass Wah/Fuzz Pedal In Action
See the Crying Bass in a YouTube video

18-Oct-13    full story...

Wah/Fuzz Pedal For Bass Guitar
EHX introduces the Crying Bass

11-Oct-13    full story...

Another New Electro-Harmonix Overdrive
The OD Glove makes it's video debut

07-Oct-13    full story...

New Electro-Harmonix Drive Pedal
See The East River Drive In Action

25-Sep-13    full story...

New Electro-Harmonix Overdrive
EHX announces the East River Drive

29-Aug-13    full story...

Electro-Harmonix Pedal Board Cradle
Keep your Next Step pedals secure

24-May-13    full story...

  MESSE13: EHX Random Tone Generator
Randomly Generates Tones

11-Apr-13    full story...

See The New Electro-Harmonix Epitome In Action
Octave generator, flanger/chorus and reverb in one pedal

14-Mar-13    full story...

New Electro-Harmonix Pedals
Volume, Expression and Pan pedals released as part of the Next Step series

01-Oct-12    full story...

Talking Pedal
New Electro-Harmonix pedal is a vocal formant wah with fuzz

14-Sep-12    full story...

Theremin + EHX Talking Box +Talent =Human Voice
Amazing control renders Pie Jesu believable

24-Jul-12    full story...

Jordan Rudess And His Singing Synth
Watch the vid...

15-Jun-12    full story...

Synthesizer Effects Stompbox From Electro-Harmonix
Electro-Harmonix introduce the Superego Synth Engine pedal

17-May-12    full story...

Analogize Your Tone
Electro-Harmonix introduces the Analogizer pedal

08-Dec-11    full story...

Paranormal Guitar Effects
The Latest Electro Harmonix Effectology Video

06-Jul-11    full story...

Preaching To The Muff
'Over The Top' Overdrive Demo WIth Electro Harmonix Pedals

15-May-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Electric Mistress Sounds In A Compact Pedal
Electro-Harmonix announces the Neo Mistress

16-Jan-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Deluxe Memory Man Gets Tap Tempo
Latest version of the E-H delay is equipped with Tap Tempo, Expression Control and an Effects Loop

15-Jan-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Electro-Harmonix Revives The Talking Pedal
Stereo Talking Machine announced

15-Jan-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Stompbox Provides Instant Muting
Electro-Harmonix Introduce the Killswitch

14-Jan-11    full story...

Amazing Guitar 'Freeze' Effects
Bill Ruppert Demonstrates The Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal

11-Aug-10    full story...

New Electro Harmonix Pedal Freezes Time
Video Overview And Demo

19-Jul-10    full story...

Transform Guitar To Bass
The latest episode in Electro-Harmonix's Effectology series shows how to create bass sounds with their pedals

13-Jul-10    full story...

Practice Silently Anywhere
Electro-Harmonix introduce their new Headphone Amp

02-Jul-10    full story...

Stompbox For Infinite Sustain
Electro-Harmonix announce the Freeze Sound Retainer sampling pedal

01-Jul-10    full story...

44 Watts In The Palm Of Your Hand
Electro-Harmonix introduce the 44 Magnum palm-sized guitar amp head

29-Jun-10    full story...

Smaller Clone
Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone recreates the Small Clone chorus in a smaller footprint

28-Jun-10    full story...

SNAMM10: Another Big Muff
Electro-Harmonix introduce the Germanium 4 Big Muff Pi

22-Jun-10    full story...

Recreating The Classic Dr. Who Theme - On Guitar

28-May-10    full story...

Envelope Filter Odditites
More Electro-Harmonix Effectology

30-Mar-10    full story...

Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing Teaser
Makes Mad Metallic Modulations

17-Mar-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Ring Thing
Electro-Harmonix introduce a single sideband modulator pedal

25-Jan-10    full story...

WNAMM10: New Electro-Harmonix Delay
Deluxe Memory Boy analog delay with tap tempo makes its debut

25-Jan-10    full story...

New Looper From Electro-Harmonix
2880 Super Multitrack Looper can pitch shift and reverse loops

23-Mar-06    full story...

NAMM: New Electro-Harmonix Pedals
Say Hello To The English Muff'n And The Holiest Grail

11-Feb-05    full story...

NAMM: Two New From Electro Harmonix
16 second delay and POG on show in Nashville

23-Jul-04    full story...

MESSE: Two Muffs In One Box
Electro Harmonix presents a double dose of fuzz power and some cool tremolo

05-Apr-04    full story...

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