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  NAMM 2018: Erica Synths Graphic Wavetable VCO and More
Girts shows off some of the new Erica Synths range, including the Graphic VCO, Black DSP 2 and the Resonant Filter

25-Jan-18    full story...

Erica Synths Talk and Jam with Jean-Michel Jarre
In a special feature, they talk tech and have some modular jams

28-Nov-17    full story...

Erica Synths Releases Acidbox III
Polivoks VCF in stereo coupled with an overdrive circuit, LFO and envelope follower

23-Nov-17    full story...

Erica Synths Limited Edition Polivoks Module
Sales of the Acid Simona VCF module will raise money for techno opera Spazio Bar

21-Nov-17    full story...

Better Integration Of Moog And Eurorack
Erica Pico MScale scaler adapts Mother 32 to eurorack standard 1V/oct control voltages

09-Nov-17    full story...

Erica Synths Introduces More Modules
Black Dual VCF, Black Output v2 and Pico Trigger to Gate are now available

12-Oct-17    full story...

Erica Synths Releases Fusion Drone System
Complete Eurorack system built on vacuum tube-based modules explores the dark side

25-Aug-17    full story...

Erica Synths Introduces New DIY Modules
DIY SWAMP and DIY Multimode VCF announced

28-Jul-17    full story...

Even More Erica Synths Modules
Black VC Clock v2 and Black EG announced

18-Jul-17    full story...

More Erica Synths Modules
Black VC EG and Black VC EG Expander make their debut

07-Jul-17    full story...

Erica Synths Introduces New Modules
Pico Voice, Fusion VCF v2 and Fusion VCA v2 are now available

30-Jun-17    full story...

Erica Synths Releases Fusionbox Analogue FX
Combines BBD chip based effects – delay, flanger, chorus – with tube overdrive

18-May-17    full story...

Erica Synths Ships New Black Modules
Black VCO, Black VCO Expander, Black Polivoks VCF v2 and Black VCA now available

12-May-17    full story...

  Superbooth 17: Erica Synths Black Dual Filter
Girts takes us through the new filter

22-Apr-17    full story...

  Superbooth 17: Erica Synths Drum Sequencer
Kodek takes us through the new drum sequencer

22-Apr-17    full story...

DIY Polivoks-Inspired Modular System
Erica Synths introduce new DIY kits

20-Mar-17    full story...

Erica Synths Black Octasource Ships
New Eurorack module is said to carry the LFO to its extremes

02-Feb-17    full story...

  NAMM 2017: Erica Synths Fusion Box - Sounds Fantastic!
The fusion delay comes out of the rack and onto the tabletop

21-Jan-17    full story...

  NAMM 2017: Erica Synths - Updated Eurorack DIY Kits
Girts takes us through the updated eurorack DIY modules

21-Jan-17    full story...

World's Smallest Modular Synthesizer
Erica Synths Pico System I is now available for pre-order

21-Dec-16    full story...

Four New Modules From Erica Synths
New Pico line modules: SEQS, Logic, A Logic and DSP

24-Nov-16    full story...

  Erica Synths Pico System Review
It may be small but its got a lot to offer

17-Nov-16    full story...

Tube-Based Eurorack Modular Synth
Erica Synths release Fusion VCO and Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble modules

12-Aug-16    full story...

Erica Synths Introduces DIY Synth Voice
Digital analogue hybrid

26-Jul-16    full story...

Erica Synths New Eurorack VCO Module
Pico VCO is a VCO with 32 selected waves that's only 3HP wide

01-Jul-16    full story...

Erica Synths Introduces Black Wavetable VCO
Compact, fat sounding wavetable oscillator with expandable wavetable ROM chips

03-Jun-16    full story...

  Superbooth 2016: Erica Synths Pico Modules
Tiny footprint, big functionality

01-Apr-16    full story...

Eurorack Stereo Effects Processor Module
Erica Synths Black Hole features 16 unique effects

24-Mar-16    full story...

ACIDBOX II - Desktop Polivoks
Erica Synths introduces a second edition of their hardware Polivoks VCF emulation

22-Dec-15    full story...

Erica Synths New Eurorack Module
Black Series expanded with Dual Envelope Generator/LFO

17-Dec-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Erica Synths Graphic VCO
Erica Synths give us a look at their Graphic VCO and more

20-Apr-15    full story...

Eurorack Touchscreen Matrix Mixer
Erica Synths' new Matrix Mixer module is inspired by EMS Synthi

21-Aug-14    full story...

Polivoks In A Box
Erica Synths releases ACIDBOX, an enhanced Polivoks VCF clone

11-Jun-14    full story...

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