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Fairlight Is Up For Sale
Australian innovator announces the divestment of its professional audio technology

22-Jul-16    full story...

The Next Generation Of Audio Post Production
Fairlight launches its second generation Crystal Core (CC-2) technology

25-Sep-14    full story...

New Fairlight Production Console
Fairlight launches QUANTUM.Live Table-Top console

16-Sep-14    full story...

Would You Buy A Used Fairlight From This Man?
Yes, I probably would - Boris Blank sells his.

23-Oct-13    full story...

Fairlight CMI Series III Restoration Initial Look
Failed Muso and Ian Stanley's CMI

22-Jul-13    full story...

Fairlight Releases New Audio Post Production Software Version
XYNERGI and EVO now come with the new Dream Version 4 Software

19-Mar-13    full story...

AES12: Fairlight Sets Ambitious New Goals
Recapitalized, under new leadership and loaded with innovative new technology

25-Oct-12    full story...

Fairlight Introduces QUANTUM
A fully featured, mid-size Audio Post Production Console

23-Oct-12    full story...

Fairlight Releases Dream Version 4
Many new features, options and enhancements

18-Apr-12    full story...

EVO Evolves
Fairlight announces new options for its EVO series of post production consoles

17-Apr-12    full story...

Peter Vogel Introduces The New Fairlight
A Sneak Peek At The CMI-30A

10-Jul-11    full story...

Fairlight For iPad and iPhone
Browse and play the entire original Fairlight CMI IIX Sounds floppy disk library

22-Mar-11    full story...

Fairlight CMI-30A Waiting List Opens March 1st
But You'll Need To Raid The Piggy Bank To Reserve A Place

26-Feb-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Alternatively - Fairlight On iPad
50 bucks and you get the whole package

20-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Fairlight 30th Anniversary Edition
Brand new, old

20-Jan-11    full story...

Thirtieth Anniversary Fairlight Announced
Limited Edition Fairlight CMI Series 30A is on its way

05-Jan-11    full story...

  MESSE10: Focal have a new baby of the range
Got a healthy voice on it!

02-Apr-10    full story...

Xtend Your Xynergi
Fairlight introduces the XE-6 Fader Extension for the Xynergi MPC

23-Dec-09    full story...

New Fairlight System Expected To Cost $5,000+
More News On The 30th Anniversary CMI

10-Aug-09    full story...

More Anniversary Fairlight Details
A little more information from Mr Vogel

06-Aug-09    full story...

Fairlight CMI 30th Anniversary Limited Edition
The Next Generation

01-Aug-09    full story...

AES08SF: Fairlight’s Swiss Army Knife
Pyxis-MT audio and video capture, playback and file transfer system launched

08-Oct-08    full story...

AES08SF: Compact Consoles From Fairlight
Connie II and Connie III are budget versions of the large-format Constellation

08-Oct-08    full story...

Fairlight Release V2 Software For DREAM II
Enhancements to media management, mixing capabilities, plug-in support and video tools

18-Sep-08    full story...

Fairlight Demos In UK
Xynergi desktop media production centre on show at 6 venues around the country

23-May-08    full story...

Fairlight Releases Dream 2 Version 1.5
New features to enhance workflow in a wide variety of broadcast and post applications

29-Apr-08    full story...

Fairlight Keyboard Technology Breaks New Ground
Xynergi digital production center has transformational keyboard that could change human-media interaction

16-Nov-07    full story...

Another Fairlight partner
Creative Network Design signs on to the Dream II Partner Program

31-May-07    full story...

Fairlight Dream II In European Studios
European media creators embrace Fairlight’s new CC-1 technology

17-May-07    full story...

Fairlight Extends Dream II Functionality
Version 1.1 released with new features and seamless AAF and AES-31 file interchange

08-May-07    full story...

Fairlight Night In Georgia
Fairlightus and comprehensive technical group to host Crystal Core showcase and training in Atlanta

09-Mar-07    full story...

New North American Distributor For Fairlight
Fairlight US forms to enhance representation in USA and Canada

21-Feb-07    full story...

Autographed Fairlight Goes For $100,000
CMI signed by 44 well-known artists raises money for WITNESS

09-Jan-07    full story...

More Partners For Fairlight
Synchro Arts and Waves join the Dream II partner program

04-Jan-07    full story...

Fairlight In Bed With IK
IK Multimedia has signed on as a Fairlight Dream II Partner

08-Dec-06    full story...

Serato Pitch In With Fairlight
Pitch ‘n Time integrated into the Fairlight Dream II environment

07-Dec-06    full story...

Fairlight Signed By 44 Pop Stars On Ebay
Get it for Christmas and support WITNESS charity if you have a spare $100,000

05-Dec-06    full story...

More Affordable Fairlight
DREAM II Satellite–AV DAW available at below $20k

03-Nov-06    full story...

AES06SF: DSP Made Obsolete?
Fairlight Crystal Core CC-1 multimedia engine on a chip promises quantum advances in performance

09-Oct-06    full story...

Fairlight's Merlin Boasts 48 Track Record to one HD

23-Aug-00    full story...

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