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Learn Al Schmitt's Mic Techniques's Al Schmitt on Micing is the first video course of the METAlliance Academy Series

14-Nov-17    full story... Adds Online Ableton Tutorials
New courses are now available in the Josh Bess Webinar Series

31-May-17    full story...

Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado
New online video course provides one-on-one tutorials with the master mixer

24-Apr-17    full story...

Mic Choice And Placement Explained
New online video tutorial released in the Blackbird Academy Foundation Series

15-Sep-16    full story...

Complete Guide To DJ Basics shows you how to do it with turntables and a mixer

18-Aug-16    full story...

Produce Pop With The MPC
Akai promotes a Groove 3 training video series featuring the MPC Renaissance

27-Apr-15    full story...

Groove3 $99 All Access Annual Web Pass
Unlimited access to online audio tutorials for one year

11-Nov-14    full story...

Remix Contest
The Groove 3 + Findremix competition wants you to remix a Timothy Allan Track and win prizes

13-May-10    full story...

Kontakt Explained
Groove 3 release a tutorial set aimed at all beginner to intermediate Kontakt users

19-Apr-10    full story...

Professional Voiceovers In Pro Tools
Groove 3 shows you how to produce them in a new tutorial set

24-Feb-10    full story...

Produce Hard Rock With Logic
Groove 3 shows you how

17-Feb-10    full story...

Produce House With Live
Groove3 training vid shows you how to sort out the basslines and synth parts

17-Feb-10    full story...

Design A Room To Make Hits In
Groove 3 releases their Designing Your Home Studio video

29-Sep-09    full story...

Logic 9 Explained
Groove 3 introduce a new video tutorial series

29-Sep-09    full story...

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Feature: Tim Exile And His Amazing Flow Machine 

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