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  NAMM 2017: Hex Inverter Mutant Rimshot and VCNO
Two new modules from Hex Inverter

22-Jan-17    full story...

  NAMM 2016: Hex Inverter Mutant Snare
The next baby in the family of Mutants

24-Jan-16    full story...

Because Cats And Modular Synths
Hex Inverter releases kitty cables

09-Nov-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Hex Inverter Mutant Machine
We get a look at the new cover all bases and more drum module

05-Feb-15    full story...

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Tutorial: Generative Music Techniques In Live 


Sonc LAB: Roland SE-02 Analogue Boutique 

3 Osc Mono Synth in Boutique form

Series: Live With LIVE - Part 2 - The Power Of Instrument Racks 

Using Chains and automation to switch keyboard setups

Sonic LAB: ROLI Seaboard BLOCK 

Affordable Seaboard action

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First Look: Komplete Kontrol MK2 Announced 

Next Gen controller keyboard out today

Synthfest 2017: Analogue Solutions New Synth Blocks 

Mr Hyde, Strangelove and Treadstone synth voice

First Look: Native Instruments Maschine MK3 

New hardware, new features

Sonic LAB: Craft Rhythm - First Look 

New addition to the DIY instrument range