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Klevgränd Releases Syndt Synth
Available for the iPad and for the desktop in AU and VST formats

19-May-17    full story...

iOS App Creates Videos From Your Music
Klevgränd's Wizibel music visualizer app imports audio and exports video

31-Mar-17    full story...

Plug-In Creates Multiband Effects
Klevgränd Gaffel for Mac and Windows splits audio into different frequency bands

31-Mar-17    full story...

Klevgränd Releases Baervaag FM Synthesizer
Simple FM synth with one carrier and one modulator for iOS, Mac and Windows

10-Feb-17    full story...

Lush Pad Synthesizer
Klevgränd releases Pads wavetable synth with noise/grain generator for iOS and desktop

16-Dec-16    full story...

Stereo Spreading Tool
Klevgränd Haaze adds different amounts of stereo widening to different frequency regions

14-Nov-16    full story...

Free Stereo Modulation Filter
Klevgränd's Svep is now a free download for iPad, Mac and Windows

11-Nov-16    full story...

Klevgränd Introduces Tines - Electric Piano
Virtual instrument offers sounds from Rhodes to Wurlitzer for IOS, Mac and Windows

20-Oct-16    full story...

Ooh Aah It's A Singing Synth
Klevgränd Jussi emulates a man singing vocals using pure synthesis

28-Sep-16    full story...

Envelope Shaper For iPad And AU/VST
Klevgränd produktion releases Kuvert

23-Nov-15    full story...

A Different De-esser
Klevgränd Esspresso's detection frequency range isn't coupled with the suppressors frequency range

07-Oct-15    full story...

Multi-Band Compressor For iPad, AU & VST
Klevgränd produktion releases PressIt

02-Sep-15    full story...

Squeeze It Like A Sausage
Klevgränd Produktion releases Korvpressor compressor for iPad & AU/VST

12-Jun-15    full story...

Monosynth For iOS, Mac and Windows
Klevgrand Enkl features two separate oscillators with individual LFOs

29-Apr-15    full story...

Echo Machine For Mac And iOS
Klevgränd R0Verb features up to 50 separate delay lines

02-Feb-15    full story...

Modulation Plug-In For iOS
Klevgränd Produktion releases Svep - phaser, flanger, chorus

01-Dec-14    full story...

Multiband Echo For Mac And iOS
Klevgränd Produktion releases Vandelay

20-Oct-14    full story...

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