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  Messe11: Lionstracs Show New Groove XR Rack
Run your whole live show from one box

06-Jun-11    full story...

MESSE11: New Hardware VSTi / ASIO Host
Lionstracs Groove XR runs ten VSTi and ASIO host engines simultaneously

08-Apr-11    full story...

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Series: Live with LIVE - Program Changes 

Sonc LAB: Roland SE-02 Analogue Boutique 

3 Osc Mono Synth in Boutique form

Series: Live With LIVE - On Stage Monitoring 

Make sure you are prepared for any options

Tim Exile Releases SLOR 

Shed Load Of Resonators

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First Look: Komplete Kontrol MK2 Announced 

Next Gen controller keyboard out today

Sonic LAB: Dubreq Stylophone Gen X-1 

Affordable Stylophone with mini analog synth

Synthfest 2017: Abstract Data New Modules 

Three ready, two prototypes

Friday Fun - SH-01A Meets Lyra-8 

Hooked up and jamming