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NAMM 2017: Big Knob Gets Bigger
Mackie expands monitor controller range

19-Jan-17    full story...

Mackie Updates Master Fader
Version 4.5 of the control app adds new set of reverb algorithms, Spectograph and more

22-Sep-16    full story...

New Mackie Studio Monitors
XR Series Studio are designed to deliver clarity and accuracy for pro studios

15-Sep-16    full story...

New Mackie Digital Mixers Ship
ProDX4 and ProDX8 mixers with complete wireless control hit the stores

03-Jun-16    full story...

NAMM 2016: Mackie ProDX Wireless Digital Mixers
4- and 8-channel compact designs with wireless streaming and control

22-Jan-16    full story...

NAMM 2016: Mackie Modular Digital Mixing System
New DC16 control surface complements DL32R 32-channel digital mixer

21-Jan-16    full story...

Mackie Master Fader v4.0 Adds New Features
Digital mixer control app update includes output RTA, iPad Pro support and more

15-Dec-15    full story...

Mackie FreePlay Personal PA Ships
Battery-powerable, Bluetooth-capable design is now available worldwide

26-Jun-15    full story...

Control App Launched For Mackie Personal PA
FreePlay Connect is available now for iOS and Android devices

11-Jun-15    full story...

Mackie Ships DL32R Dante Expansion Card
iPad-controlled digital mixer now easily networks with any Dante-enabled audio product

29-Apr-15    full story...

MESSE 2015: Mackie Redesigns And Expands ProFX Mixer Series
ProFXv2 Series enhanced sonically with Vita preamps and ReadyFX effects engine

15-Apr-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Dante For Mackie Mixer
Mackie and Audinate announce Dante expansion card for iPad-controlled DL32R mixer

22-Jan-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Battery-Powerable Portable PA
Mackie introduces the FreePlay Personal PA

22-Jan-15    full story...

New Mackie Master Fader
v3.0 offers huge benefits for DL Series mixer users

19-Nov-14    full story...

32-Channel Mixer With Complete Wireless Control
Mackie DL32R Digital Live Sound Mixer can be controlled from an iPad

16-Oct-14    full story...

Mackie's Most Affordable Mixers Launch
Mix Series Compact Mixers available in 5, 8 and 12-channel versions

01-Oct-14    full story...

Mackie Reduces Mixer Price
DL806 Digital Mixer with iPad Control now available for 25% less

21-Jul-14    full story...

Mackie Launches Multimedia Monitors
Creative Reference series offers affordable, desktop-friendly, compact design

16-Jul-14    full story...

Mackie Portable Powered Loudspeakers Ship
New 'refreshed' versions of SRM450 and SRM350 are now available

07-Jul-14    full story...

Show Your Moves And Win A PA
Mackie launches a video contest to win a full Thump system

17-Jun-14    full story...

New Mackie Powered Loudspeakers
SRM Professional Line extended with 1600W dual 15-inch full-range model and dual 18-inch subwoofer

12-Jun-14    full story...

Mackie Ships Thump Series Powered Loudspeakers
New PA speakers are now available

12-May-14    full story...

BMC14:Mackie Range On Show
VLZ4, DL1608, MR Mk3 Monitors, SRM 350 and 450

18-Apr-14    full story...

MESSE 2014: Mackie Refreshes Portable Powered Loudspeakers
Mackie SRM450/350 gets 1000W of power and professional digital features

13-Mar-14    full story...

MESSE 2014: Mackie Thump Series Gets More Thump
Affordable PA line gets power increase and adds hard-hitting subwoofer

12-Mar-14    full story...

Mackie Releases My Fader DL Series Mixers Control App
Control the mix on stage from your iPhone or iPod touch

18-Apr-13    full story...

WNAMM13: Mackie iPhone Monitor Mix Control
Mackie launches My Fader Control App for DL Series Mixers

24-Jan-13    full story...

Powered Loudspeakers, One-Third The Size Of Traditional Designs
Mackie unveils the ultra-compact, 2000W DLM Loudspeakers

29-Aug-12    full story...

MESSE12: Mackie Expands Portable PA Offerings
New range of gear for passive and powered systems announced

21-Mar-12    full story...

  WNAMM12: Mackie DL1608 Digital Mixer iPad Control
On Board DSP controlled by docked or remote iPads

25-Jan-12    full story...

WNAMM12: 16-Channel Digital Live Sound Mixer With iPad Control
Mackie DL1608 makes its debut

19-Jan-12    full story...

WNAMM12: Mackie Increases Mixer Performance
Partners with New Japan Radio on new Op-Amp design

19-Jan-12    full story...

  PLASA11: Mackie ProFX In the Wild
First show outing for ProFX16 and 22

13-Sep-11    full story...

Mackie Expands ProFX Mixer Series
Increased channel count and compression for larger applications

26-May-11    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Mackie MR8 MK2 Studio Monitors
Tweaked and revoiced

06-May-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Mackie Gives Us Another Thump
Mackie adds TH-12A powered loudspeaker to their Thump Series

13-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Mackie Redesigns Reference Monitors
MRmk2 monitors are designed to redefine the concept of the affordable studio reference monitor

13-Jan-11    full story...

  PLASA10: Mackie HD1221 Beefy Powered Speakers
Mackie raise the bar on portable systems

16-Sep-10    full story...

  PLASA10: Mackie Blackbird and VLZ3 2404
More integration to the DAW

14-Sep-10    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Mackie Onyx BlackJack
2x2 USB premium interface

30-Jul-10    full story...

New Mackie Recording Interfaces
Mackie introduces the Onyx Blackjack and Onyx Blackbird

15-Jul-10    full story...

New Mackie 4-Bus Mixers
VLZ3 24 and 32-channel mixers include integrated FX and USB connectivity

03-Jun-10    full story...

Mackie Launches 1000 Watt Powered Subwoofer
SRM1801 is designed specifically for the SRM450v2

05-May-10    full story...

  MESSE10: Mackie PPM Powered Mixers
Lots of power, not much weight

30-Mar-10    full story...

  WNAMM10: Mackie Adds Waves MultiRack For Onyx
Realtime channel processing on live inputs

17-Jan-10    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Mackie Onyx 820i Firewire Mixer
Premium analogue plus 8 in 2 out audio

23-Dec-09    full story...

Avid Authorizes Mackie Link
License agreed to link Onyx and Pro Tools

15-Dec-09    full story...

Mackie Announces Windows 7 Support
Core FireWire Interfaces including new Onyx-i Series mixers supported on new OS

08-Dec-09    full story...

M-Powered Mackies
Mackie qualifies Onyx-i mixers for use with Pro Tools M-Powered 8

13-Oct-09    full story...

Mackie UK Tour
All the latest Mackie gear demonstrated

16-Sep-09    full story...

  PLASA09: Mackie Onyx iSeries Look
Integrated Firewire mixers

16-Sep-09    full story...

New Mackie Onyx i Series Promise ProTools
Firewire recording mixers from 8-16 channels

11-Sep-09    full story...

Mackie Gives You A Thump
TH-15A 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker launched

25-Aug-09    full story...

  Mackie Cracks The Digidesign Code
New, secret driver pairs new Onyx i and ProTools M-Powered

31-Jul-09    full story...

Mackie Speakers Survive Dowsing In Horsesh*t
Mackie 20 Years Running Contest concludes – winner announced

07-Jul-09    full story...

Win A Mackie HD Live Sound System
Mackie celebrates its birthday with the 20 Years Running Contest

27-May-09    full story...

MESSE09: Mackie Invent High-Definition Live Sound
HD Series Powered Loudspeakers unveiled in Frankfurt

01-Apr-09    full story...

  MESSE08:Mackie U-Series Mixers Change The Look
U.420 and U420d firewire I/Faces

18-Mar-08    full story...

  WNAMM08: Mackie's Mini Mixers
Mackie talk us through their compact 402 VLZ3 and 802 VLZ3

20-Jan-08    full story...

  AESNYC07: Mackie DS3232 Takes TT24 to 56 Channels
New digital multicore adds 32 channels of IO for realistic live show use

12-Oct-07    full story...

AES06SF: Mackie Ship Quad Series Processors
Quad EQ and Quad Comp/Gate available worldwide by the end of the year

10-Oct-06    full story...

AES06SF: Mackie TT24 Add-Ons Announced
Digital Snake and Lake Processor expansion options to ship in December 2006

09-Oct-06    full story...

  AES06SF: Mackie Previews Upcoming DJ Mixer
d.4 Pro 4-Channel Club Mixer is designed for live performance and production

07-Oct-06    full story...

  AES06SF: Mackie Traktion 3 Previewed
Pre-release look at the new DAW

07-Oct-06    full story...

  SNAMM06: Mackie Launch Satellite of Their Own
Mobile/Studio recording system solves a number of problems

16-Jul-06    full story...

Mackie C4 Commander For Download
Editor takes control of everything

13-Jun-06    full story...

NAMM06: Mackie Unveils New M-Series Power Amps
Three new high-powered models

08-Feb-06    full story...

NAMM06: Mackie Introduce More Onyx Mixers
Two new 24 and 32 channel live sound consoles

04-Feb-06    full story...

NAMM06: Mackie Introduces Quad Series Digital Processors
Four channel compressor and graphic EQ launched

01-Feb-06    full story...

NAMM06: Mackie Preview FireWire Recording System
Satellite interface exhibits unique two piece design

01-Feb-06    full story...

AES: Mackie Up the Ante With New Onyx 1200F
30 plus channels of IO with classy preamps

11-Oct-05    full story...

  MESSE05: Mackie Announce First DJ Mixer Ever
d.2 features premium preamps, optical crossfader and more

19-Apr-05    full story...

  MESSE05: Traktion V2 - Oodles of New Features
Simple, powerful production environement fills a gap

14-Apr-05    full story...

  Mackie Spike recording System Ships In Europe
The funky audio/MIDI interface sets sail

15-Dec-04    full story...

Mackie Control C4 Gets Logical
The V-Pot uber-controller now supported in Logic Pro 7

12-Oct-04    full story...

Prodigy Dig The Mackie Sound
8-bus is where it's at for them

19-Jul-04    full story...

Mackie Control Extenders Get Steinberg Support
Hoorah! Finally....

23-Jun-04    full story...

  MESSE04: Mackie Stick FireWire In Onyx Mixers
The best of both worlds?

31-Mar-04    full story...

MESSE: TAPCO Release Affordable PA Speakers
Series 69 from Mackie spin off.

31-Mar-04    full story...

  Sounds Expo04: Mackie dXb + Big Knob On Show
We get the full tour - watch it here

19-Feb-04    full story...

NAMM: Spike Gives Mackie Some Tracktion
Mackies audio interface and software shipping in March

19-Jan-04    full story...

NAMM: Mackie Shows It's Big Knob
It's not what you think

19-Jan-04    full story...

New Plug-In a Dream for UAD-1
DreamVerb latest addition to UAD-1 DSP card

25-Sep-03    full story...

  Mackie's Spike - DSP Powered USB
Not your run-of-the-mill audio interface.

08-Sep-03    full story...

Mackie + Emagic Merge Technologies
New Mackie stuff to talk to Emagic software out of the box

30-Jul-03    full story...

MESSE: Mackie Mixers on Tapco
New micro mixer announced

08-Mar-03    full story...

NAMM: Mackie announces UAD-8 I/O & Control C4
New plugin card and a controller to control them!

30-Jan-03    full story...

New Mackie Control Supports Many DAWs
Soundscape, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Cubase SX, and other popular DAW software.

24-Jul-02    full story...

MOTU and Mackie Announce Hardware Control
Built especially for DP 3.1

29-Jun-02    full story...

Powered Plugins For All
Mackie Announces Windows 2000, and XP Support for the UAD-1

12-Apr-02    full story...

WNAMM02:Mackie - Mixtremely Pleased With New DAW
New three component system brings Mackie into host based market

23-Jan-02    full story...

WNAMM02: Mackie shows the HR624 monitor
The HR824 Lite is here!

19-Jan-02    full story...

Mackie Get Hard With 24bit Recorder
24 track / 24bit machine sets new price point.

13-Aug-01    full story...

Mackie Anounce 96k/24bit stand alone 24 track HDR

23-Nov-99    full story...

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