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  Superbooth 17: Modal Announce MPE Support With OS Update
Hook up your KMI, ROLI or suchlike

21-Apr-17    full story...

Modal Releases CRAFT App On Android
Full control over all of CRAFT synth's features

31-Mar-17    full story...

  NAMM 2017: Modal Electronics 5 Crafts Together
We talk to their creator

20-Jan-17    full story...

Modal Releases CRAFTapp For CRAFTsynth
New App unlocks some features that are not accessible from the front panel of the synth

21-Dec-16    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Modal Craft Synth Review
Budget DIY Mono is how much?

28-Nov-16    full story...

Modal Craft Synth A Super Affordable DIY Mono - Listen
Synth stocking filler ahoy

20-Nov-16    full story...

Modal 008 Synth In Action
A user demonstrates his favourite features in a new demo video

19-Oct-16    full story...

Modal 002 In Action
Video shows the 002's animator being used to create textures

14-Jun-16    full story...

Modal's Synth Sequencer Explained
In-depth video guide to using the sequencer built in to Modal 002, 001, 002r, 008 and 008r

03-May-16    full story...

Listen To The Modal 008
Modal Electronics posts new patch demos of their 8-voice synth

18-Apr-16    full story...

  Superbooth 2016: Modal Modules, 008 Editor
002 Oscillators, Filters, modulation

02-Apr-16    full story...

A New Modal 002 Synth Demo
Video features a run through of the multi-channel digital I/O board effects

18-Mar-16    full story...

  NAMM 2016: Modal Electronics 008R - 8 Voice Analog
Rackmount version of the big boy and DSP IO card

25-Jan-16    full story...

NAMM 2016: Modal Electronics 002 and 008 Oscillator And FIlters
Now available in Eurorack modules

21-Jan-16    full story...

  Presentation: Modal Electronics 001 Duophonic Synth
Features run down

30-Oct-15    full story...

  Modal Electronics 001 Sounds
A short burst of British duophonic

26-Oct-15    full story...

  Presentation: Modal 008 Poly Pads
Some delightful sounds

12-Oct-15    full story...

  Presentation: Modal 008 And 002 Update
Whats the difference?

02-Oct-15    full story...

Modal 008 First Patch Demos
The new analog poly gets voices

28-Jul-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Modal Electronics 8 Voice Analog Poly
True VCOs with 002 type control

15-Apr-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Modal Puts The 002 In A Rack
002R non-keyboard rackmount version of the 002 is available with 8 or 12 voices

15-Apr-15    full story...

MESSE 2015: Honey, We Shrunk The Synth...
First pictures of the compact Modal Electronics 001 analogue/digital hybrid synthesiser

14-Apr-15    full story...

New Sounds For Modal 002 Synth
Spring 2015 patch demo video series now online

26-Mar-15    full story...

Modal 002 Synths In Action
When Darkness Falls by Netsky covered on two 002s

23-Mar-15    full story...

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