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Vintage Digital Pianos For Nord Piano Library
Gospel Classics Collection includes sounds from the MKS-20, MK-80 and JD-800

17-Jan-17    full story...

Nord Introduces Binaural Piano
Royal Grand 3D, recorded using a dummy head microphone, joins the Nord Piano Library

22-Dec-16    full story...

Creating More Sounds With A Nord Lead A1
Nord's new creative sound design tutorial series continues

17-Nov-16    full story...

Creative Sound Design With A Nord Synth
New Nord Lead A1 tutorial video series begins with creating patches for live performance

19-Oct-16    full story...

Nord Piano Library Gets Upright
Bambino Upright is said to be a small piano with a warm and shimmering sound

08-Jul-16    full story...

Ivory Kicked Into Touch
Nord decide not to use the Ivory Touch keybed for the Nord Piano 3

06-Jul-16    full story...

More Nord Editing Tips
Tutorial shows how to customize the B3 sound in Organ Section

01-Jul-16    full story...

Nord's Vintage Roadworn Electric Piano
Nefertiti MKI jazz club piano added to the Nord Piano Library

24-Jun-16    full story...

How To Use A Nord's Drawbars
New tutorial series shows how to get the best performance from your organ

01-Jun-16    full story...

  MESSE 2016: Nord Drum 3 - New Effects, New Interface and More!
We take a look at the newest Nord Drum

07-Apr-16    full story...

MESSE 2016: New Version Of Nord Drum
Nord Drum 3 and super compact Nord Drum 3P announced

04-Apr-16    full story...

New Nord Tutorial Videos
Series aims to get the most out of your Nord keyboard. First up - Morph Assign

30-Mar-16    full story...

Nord Piano Library Expanded
Chris Maene Collection features the Mozart and the Beethoven Broadwood Fortepianos

29-Jan-16    full story...

Nord Announces The Piano 3
New keyboard technology is said to take piano feel and realism to a new level

18-Jan-16    full story...

Nord Electro 5D In Action
Keyboard features in the latest Sound Technology Sessions video

08-Jan-16    full story...

Nord Electro 5 Gets New OS
New Nord Sound Manager adds support for editing and organizing Set Lists

16-Dec-15    full story...

What Makes A Nord Keyboard Unique?
Nord says it's their replaceable sound libraries - watch the video for the how and why

17-Sep-15    full story...

Nord Updates Sample Library
Sample Library 2.0 for Nord keyboards optimizes existing samples and adds new sounds

21-Aug-15    full story...

New Grand In The Nord Piano Library
Silver Grand is a medium sized concert grand piano

02-Jul-15    full story...

Nord Stage 2 EX Series Now Available
New keyboards have arrived in the UK

04-Jun-15    full story...

Win A Nord Lead A1
Share your Nord summer moments in the #iseenord Summer Photo Contest

27-May-15    full story...

Nord Electro 5 Series Arrives In The UK
Three models available now

28-Apr-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Nord Stage 2 Ex
A preview of the updated keyboard from Nord

14-Apr-15    full story...

Nord Introduces Stage 2 EX
Stage 2 line updated with doubled memory for piano library and ultra-lightweight 76-key model

13-Apr-15    full story...

Nord Electro 5 In Action
Watch the official Nord video demonstrating highlights and new features

07-Apr-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Nord Redefines Their Live Keyboard
Electro 5 Series introduced

20-Jan-15    full story...

Free AKG Headphones With Nord Synthesizers
UK promotion lasts until 31 March 2015

02-Jan-15    full story...

Nord Drum 2 Sound Design Tutorials
Two new videos show how to create synth drums from scratch

04-Dec-14    full story...

More Mellotron For Nord
Mellotron Master Tapes now available in the Nord Sample Library

07-Nov-14    full story...

Richard Barbieri Programs Sounds For Nord Synth
Nord Keyboards releases a free soundbank for the Lead A1 synth

12-Sep-14    full story...

New Sounds For Nord Drum 2
Sound bank created by Andreas Tilliander

05-Sep-14    full story...

Nord Lead A1R Ships In The UK
Desktop/rack version of the Lead A1 analogue modelling synth is available now

23-May-14    full story...

Free Nord Drum 2 Sound Bank
Signature Sound Bank for the Nord Drum 2 from Marque Gilmore

09-May-14    full story...

Nord Lead A1 Hits The Stores
Analogue modelling synthesiser has begun shipping in the UK

24-Apr-14    full story...

Nord Sample Library Gets Fairlight Sounds
Over 300 sounds for Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3/4, Nord Piano 2 and Nord Stage 2

16-Apr-14    full story...

Last Chance For Free Headphones
AKG K702 headphones free with Nord Lead 4 purchase promotion ends 31 March

28-Mar-14    full story...

MESSE 2014: New Nord Desktop/Rackmount Synth
Lead A1 family expanded with Nord Lead A1R

12-Mar-14    full story...

Nord Drum Synthesizer In Action
Gavin Harrison plays the Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad in a new video

06-Mar-14    full story...

New Nord Analogue Modelling Synth - Lead A1
Lead 4 analogue modelling combined with a streamlined interface

20-Jan-14    full story...

Nord Lead 4 In Action
New official Nord Lead 4 demo video showcases flagship performance synth

10-Jan-14    full story...

Another Nord Piano Demo
Jim Watson plays the Grand Upright from the Nord Piano Library

11-Dec-13    full story...

Richard Devine Sound Bank for the Nord Lead 4
50 Performances, 99 Single Programs and 25 drum sounds

06-Dec-13    full story...

New Nord Stage 2 Video
Jim Watson showcases new Italian Grand in Nord Piano Library

27-Nov-13    full story...

Nord Drum 2 Updated
OS v2.1 adds MIDI cc-support, FM synthesis, updated sound bank, doubled memory capacity and more

18-Oct-13    full story...

More Sounds For Your Nord
Six new Nord Lead 4 artist banks are available for free download

03-Oct-13    full story...

New Nord Drum Models Now Available
Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad arrive in the UK

09-Jul-13    full story...

Free Sounds For Your Nord Lead 4
First bank in the new Nord Lead 4 Program Library comes from the Freemasons

08-Jul-13    full story...

New Nord Synth Is Now Available
Nord Lead 4 Performance Synthesiser hits UK stores

25-Jun-13    full story...

Nord Piano 2 HP Available Soon
Piano will ship in the UK by the end of May

20-May-13    full story...

MESSE13: Nord Piano 2 HP Launched
Ultra lightweight hammer action portable piano

09-Apr-13    full story...

MESSE13: Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad Unveiled
Two more new and exciting products from Nord

08-Apr-13    full story...

MESSE13: New Nord Lead Performance Synthesizer
The Nord Lead 4 makes its debut

08-Apr-13    full story...

New Nord Drum Performance Video
Jamiroquai's Derrick McKenzie gives it some with the Nord Drum virtual analogue drum synth

07-Feb-13    full story...

Nord Electro 4 SW73 Is Now Available
New model has twice the memory capacity of the Electro 3 and an upgraded organ section

30-Nov-12    full story...

Watch A Nord Electro Being Built
Clavia offers a glimpse inside their Stockholm factory where every Nord Keyboard is manufactured

04-Oct-12    full story...

New Nord Electro
Electro 4 HP has twice the memory capacity of its predecessor plus a new rotary speaker simulation

28-Sep-12    full story...

New Hammond Organ For The Nord C2
Update gives the Nord C2 the new Nord C2D B3 organ engine (everything but the drawbars)

14-May-12    full story...

  MESSE12: Nord Electro 4D
Improved Organ Engine from Nord

22-Mar-12    full story...

MESSE12: New Nord Electro
Clavia DMI AB introduces the Nord Electro 4D at Musikmesse

19-Mar-12    full story...

Nord Piano 2 In The UK
The Nord Piano 2, announced at NAMM, is now available in UK stores

31-Jan-12    full story...

WNAMM12: 88-Key Nord Piano 2
Clavia introduces the Nord Piano 2 HA88

18-Jan-12    full story...

WNAMM12: Dual Manual Nord Organ With Drawbars
Nord C2D Combo Organ announced

17-Jan-12    full story...

WNAMM12: Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer
Nord Drum could change your perception of what's possible with synthetic, sample-free percussion

17-Jan-12    full story...

Nord Keyboards Sponsor Mencap's Little Noise Sessions
Win a pair of tickets

08-Nov-11    full story...

Another Nord Stage 2 Update
Nord Keyboards release OS v1.4 with new features and bugfixes for Nord Stage 2 series

10-Oct-11    full story...

Nord Piano Gains Long Release Function
Free OS 1.4 update adds longer release more suitable for legato playing

09-Sep-11    full story...

Nord Stage 2 Updated
Nord release OS 1.3 for Stage 2 Series with bugfixes and some new important features

08-Jul-11    full story...

New Grand Added To Nord Piano Library
Bright Grand concert grand piano has a transparent character and an expressive dynamic range

24-Jun-11    full story...

MESSE11: Nord Electro Gets Hammer Action
Nord Electro 3 HP has 73 keys but is still portable

06-Apr-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Nord Announces Flagship Instrument Line
Stage 2 Series combines the best of Nord's Piano, Organ and Synth technology with Nord Sample Library compatibility

13-Jan-11    full story...

Nord Sample Library Expanded With More Analogue Classics
Mini Moog and Prophet 5 added

03-Nov-10    full story...

Nord Sample Library Expanded
180+ vintage keyboard sounds added for Wave and Electro 3

21-Jun-10    full story...

More Nord OS Updates
Update for the Nord Electro 3 and the Nord Stage Classic

18-Jun-10    full story...

Nord Piano 88 Hits UK Shores
Professional Stage Piano is now available in the UK

07-Jun-10    full story...

Nord Updates
Update for the Nord Stage EX OS and Sound Manager

04-Jun-10    full story...

Nord Release Piano Library v5
Seven New Instruments

03-Jun-10    full story...

Nord Pedal Keys 27 Available Soon
MIDI pedal board with 27 keys and swell pedal is now shipping

29-Mar-10    full story...

  MESSE10:New Nord Piano Coming Soon
Just piano, nothing else

27-Mar-10    full story...

Chamberlin Sample Library Comes To Nord Wave, Electro 3
Free Download Features Classic Proto-Sampler Sounds

24-Feb-10    full story...

Nord Piano Library Expands
Nord releases new acoustic and electric pianos in the Nord Piano Library

21-Dec-09    full story...

New Nord Piano
Nord will introduce the Nord Piano at NAMM 2010

21-Dec-09    full story...

Chamberlin Sounds To Be Made Available
Nord licenses the Chamberlin library

21-Dec-09    full story...

New Nord Organ Available
C2 Combo Organ is shipping now

27-Aug-09    full story...

Nord Wave Super Sounds
Nord releases free programs created by some of the best synthesizer programmers

19-May-09    full story...

Nord Wave OS Update
Version 2.02 offers new features as well as bugfixes

31-Mar-09    full story...

New Nord Combo Organ
Building on the legacy of the C1, Nord Introduces the C 2

27-Mar-09    full story...

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