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  Sonic LAB: Output Analog Brass and Winds
Kontakt based hybrid library combines instruments with synths

19-Mar-18    full story...

Output Releases ANALOG BRASS & WINDS
Sound engine blurs the line between powerful orchestral sounds and legendary synths

07-Feb-18    full story...

Desk For Musicians Reaches Europe
Output Platform is furniture for musicians, designed by musicians

27-Oct-17    full story...

Output Updates MOVEMENT
Rhythm engine gets faster and adds new features

25-Aug-17    full story...

A Desk For Musicians, Designed By Musicians
Output enters the studio furniture market with Platform

23-Jun-17    full story...

Output Announces Analog Strings
Modern strings engine created by blending two sampled orchestras, vintage synths and unconventional sound design

17-Mar-17    full story...

A New Breed Of Bass Engine
Output's SUBSTANCE combines three layers of sources with FX and more

15-Sep-16    full story...

Output Announces Output Hub
New application delivers, downloads and manages Output's engines and effects straight from the desktop

23-Aug-16    full story...

Output Announces First FX Engine
MOVEMENT is designed to deliver mind-bending rhythms

11-May-16    full story...

New Instrument Designed to Deliver Modern Vocals
Output's EXHALE Vocal Engine features real vocalists recorded by top producers

12-Nov-15    full story...

Free SIGNAL Expansion Packs
Output releases 125 new Pulse instruments for their software instrument

06-May-15    full story...

Signal Pulse Engine - Epic Introduction
New synth by Output gets the movie treatment

02-Apr-15    full story...

Play It Backwards
Output releases REV - a collection of reverse instruments, loops, pads and more

13-Nov-13    full story...

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