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Two New 22-Fret PRS Guitars
PRS introduces the SE Custom 22 and the SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow

20-Aug-15    full story...

PRS For Dive Bombing
PRS Guitars introduces new Floyd Rose-equipped 30th Anniversary SE Custom 24 model

16-Jul-15    full story...

PRS 30th Anniversary Guitars Feature New Inlay
Two limited run 'Vine' models introduced

12-Jun-15    full story...

Return Of The McCarty
PRS Guitars introduces revamped McCarty Model

05-Jun-15    full story...

New PRS Semi-Hollow Guitar
PRS Guitars introduces the P245 Semi-Hollow electric guitar

04-Jun-15    full story...

Affordable PRS Guitars Announced
PRS Guitars introduces four new all-mahogany SE Standard guitars starting at $499

14-May-15    full story...

Two New PRS Limited Edition Guitars
PRS Guitars announces 30th Anniversary Custom 24 Models

22-Apr-15    full story...

Rush Signature Guitar
PRS introduces the SE Alex Lifeson Thinline Acoustic

18-Mar-15    full story...

PRS Introduces The S2 Vela
New guitar offers one humbucker and one single coil pickup

11-Mar-15    full story...

Periphery Signature Guitar
PRS Guitars announce Limited Edition Signature Model with Mark Holcomb

07-Jan-15    full story...

PRS Introduces The Archon 25
Low wattage, high-gain amp

15-Oct-14    full story...

PRS Announces Dustie Waring Limited Edition
Between the Buried and Me signature guitar is a Custom 24 with Floyd Rose and DiMarzios

09-Oct-14    full story...

New PRS All-Mahogany Acoustics
SE Angelus line up expanded with the SE A10E

11-Sep-14    full story...

PRS Expands Archon Amp Range
Archon 50 offers 50 or 25 watts

21-Aug-14    full story...

PRS Guitars Announces New Small Batch Run
The Brushstroke 24 is based on Paul's own guitar - less than 200 will be made

14-Aug-14    full story...

PRS Announces A New Hi-Gain Amp - The Archon
See the Archon in action with Mark Tremonti and others

17-Dec-13    full story...

Metal Pickups From PRS
PRS introduces aftermarket high output humbuckers

27-Jun-13    full story...

MESSE13: PRS Introduces The P22 Trem
Humbuckers, piezo and, now, a tremolo

10-Apr-13    full story...

Neal Schon Signature Guitars
Journey guitarist teams up with PRS for two new models

10-Jan-13    full story...

A Philosophical Conversation About Tone
Carlos Santana, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks and Paul Reed Smith chew the fat about finding your sound

06-Nov-12    full story...

Dave Weiner Releases Awesome 15 Minute Guitar Backing Track
'Better Backing Tracks' lives up to its name

05-Nov-12    full story...

Paul Reed Smith Thanks PRS Customers In Open Letter
Smith puts PRS success down to combination of everybody

24-Sep-12    full story...

A New Voice From PRS
408 MT and 408 Standard guitars feature Signature/408 pickups

21-Sep-12    full story...

PRS Launch Their First 7-String Production Guitar
The SE Custom 7-String adds a low B string to the Custom 24 platform

20-Sep-12    full story...

Clint Lowery Signature guitar
PRS says that the new guitar is designed for metal and hard-rock players with attitude

20-Sep-12    full story...

Limited Run PRS Guitars
100 each of the Experience PRS 2012 Custom 24 & P22 will be available worldwide

19-Sep-12    full story...

Cody Kilby Signature Acoustic Guitar
Ricky Skagg's guitarist talks about his new PRS

28-Aug-12    full story...

PRS Designed 'Modern-Classic' Humbuckers Now Available Separately
Grab a slice of PRS 'Modern Classic' tone in a pickup

09-Aug-12    full story...

SNAMM12: PRS's First 24-fret Solidbody Piezo-Equipped Guitar
PRS Guitars introduces P24 Limited Edition

16-Jul-12    full story...

PRS Ships Brent Mason Studio Guitar
PRS Guitars' exclusive Collection Series IV instruments by Private Stock are now available

11-Jul-12    full story...

PRS Introduces Stripped 58
A no-frills take on the SC 58 model

27-Jun-12    full story...

Paul Reed Smith Demos the PRS SE Amplifiers
Modern sounds with vintage heart

26-May-12    full story...

PRS Introduces Left-Handed Version Of Their Flagship Model
The Lefty Custom 24 will be a Limited Edition that can be ordered up until June 15th 2012

18-May-12    full story...

New Version Of PRS David Grissom Guitar
PRS announces the all-mahogany DGT Standard

22-Feb-12    full story...

Joe Bonamassa Announces UK Arena Tour
Blues guitarist will tour GB in 2012

09-Oct-11    full story...

PRS Introduces SE Amplifier Line
Boutique attitude with a popular price tag says PRS

19-Aug-11    full story...

Santana Talks On YouTube
PRS Guitars interview Carlos Santana and his long-serving guitar tech, Ed Adair

04-Jul-11    full story...

Opeth Signature Guitar
PRS introduces Opeth guitarist Fredrik Åkesson's SE Signature Model

14-Apr-11    full story...

Paul Reed Smith And Dweezil Zappa Interview
Two legends of guitar talking at MI

12-Mar-11    full story...

Dweezil Zappa At Musicians Institute
Zappa plays Zappa on his custom PRS

09-Mar-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: PRS Private Stock
In-depth interview with PRS Private Stock

20-Jan-11    full story...

WNAMM11: PRS Recording Amp
PRS's unveils Recording Amp with curly maple panels

20-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: PRS Show-Off New Recording Amplifier
New guitars and amps from PRS

19-Jan-11    full story...

PRS 2 Channel C Amp Now Available
50 piece inaugural production run of the 50-watt head announced

24-Nov-10    full story...

Interview With Paul Reed Smith
Smith talks PRS in 2011

02-Nov-10    full story...

Six New PRS Electrics
New finish, pickups, bridge, and neck shapes also unveiled

28-Sep-10    full story...

New Carlos Santana Signature Guitar
PRS Guitars releases SE Santana

27-Sep-10    full story...

Racing Drivers Win Guitars
PRS Guitars and Motor Racing Network offer Move of the Race guitar

08-Mar-10    full story...

WNAMM10: PRS With A Floyd Rose
SE Torero features a Floyd Rose bridge, EMG pickups, and neck through body construction

21-Jan-10    full story...

WNAMM10: PRS Amp Family Grows
New Tuxedo models and more announced

18-Jan-10    full story...

WNAMM10: New PRS Signature Artist SEs
Five new models - Orianthi, Catanese and More...

17-Jan-10    full story...

New PRS Model With A Fender Vibe
305 Model Features 3 Single-Coil Pickups and 25.5 inch scale length

20-Aug-09    full story...

NAMM: How many pickups?!?
PRS launch new 513 model with 5 single coil pickups

29-Jul-04    full story...

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