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Sound Design Tutorial Video
Pro Sound Effects shows how to mix film scene sound effects using its Hybrid Library

27-Jun-17    full story...

Win Hardware And Software Audio Tools
Pro Sound Effects launches Upgrade Your Sound Design Rig Giveaway

06-Apr-17    full story...

Underwater Sounds
Pro Sound Effects releases SUBMERGED sound effects library

03-Feb-17    full story...

Tokyo Ambisonics Library
Pro Sound Effects releases a new set of city ambiences

21-Oct-16    full story...

Spook The Trick Or Treaters With Sound
Pro Sound Effects Halloween Haunted House app builds custom horror soundscapes

27-Oct-15    full story...

Sounds Of A Quiet Planet
Award-winning nature sounds added to the Pro Sound Effects Library

06-May-15    full story...

Sound Designer Interviews
Pro Sound Effects releases the How I Work series

15-Jan-15    full story...

Pro Sound Effects Releases Expansion 2 Library
62 GB of Ambiences, Impulse Responses and Production Elements

05-Dec-14    full story...

Sound Design In The Spotlight
Pro Sound Effects debuts new video series on the art and craft of sound design

26-Nov-14    full story...

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