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DSP-Driven Eurorack Oscillator Module
Radikal Technologies releases RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR

29-Mar-17    full story...

  NAMM 2017: Radikal Technologies - New Stereo Modular FX and More
We get a demo with Joerg Schaaf of the finished Swarm Oscillator and the New FX module

24-Jan-17    full story...

  Superbooth 2016: Radikal Technologies RT311 Swarm Oscillator
Jörg Schaaf takes us through their new digital oscillator

04-Apr-16    full story...

  NAMM 2015: Radikal Technologies RT451
New dual multi-mode filter

04-Feb-15    full story...

  Review: Rotosound Fuzz Reissue
Classic tones from yesteryear

03-Dec-14    full story...

Rob Papen Updates Punch

22-Jun-11    full story...

  MESSE10:Radikal Technologies Accelerator
New synth goodness from Spectralis makers

29-Mar-10    full story...

MESSE10: Expandable 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
Radikal Technologies introduces Accelerator

26-Mar-10    full story...

Spectralis Silverdroid Soundbank
Donationware Sound Library Features 100 New Sounds

23-Jan-10    full story...

Jörg Schaaf Demos The Radikal Spectralis
And He Gets Into That Funky Groove Thang

08-Jul-09    full story...

  WNAMM09: Spectralis 2 - 2GB RAM And Other Goodies
Plus a guitar preamp PRE GTX

05-Feb-09    full story...

  Music Live06: Spectralis Gets More Features
We bag a demo from techno artist LFO-ONE

07-Nov-06    full story...

Official Spectralis Demos On-Line
Uber-synth -make some noise!

05-Jul-04    full story...

  MESSE03: New Monosynth From Quasimidi Guy
The Spectron - it's big and it's yellow

13-Mar-03    full story...

Luxury MIDI-faderbox SAC 2K

29-Mar-00    full story...

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