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Korg MS-10 Sampled
Samples from Mars' MS10 from Mars offers sounds from the vintage semi-modular synth

26-Jun-17    full story...

Sidstation Sampled
SID From Mars offers the 8-bit sounds of the genetically modified Commodore 64 in a can

12-May-17    full story...

ARP 2600 Sampled
Samples From Mars Releases 2600 From Mars for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic and 24bit WAV

07-Mar-17    full story...

Roland SH-5 Synth Sampled
Samples from Mars releases SH5 From Mars multi-format sample library

14-Jul-16    full story...

Free Drum Samples
Samples From Mars offers sounds processed through an E-Mu SP 1200 sampler

21-Mar-16    full story...

Free Synth Samples
Samples From Mars offers analog synths sampled to tape for Ableton, Logic and Kontakt

14-Jul-15    full story...

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