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  MESSE 2016: Softube Modular - Official Eurorack in Software
Doepfer and Intellijel included and more to come!

07-Apr-16    full story...

Drawmer 1973 Compressor In A Plug-In
Softube announces availability of Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor plug-in

08-Mar-16    full story...

NAMM 2016: Intelligent Mastering Processor
Softube introduces the Drawmer S73, an enhanced multi-band compressor plug-in

22-Jan-16    full story...

Softube Releases Fix Flanger and Doubler
Plug-ins developed with Paul Wolff, based on his unique 1979 hardware creations

10-Nov-15    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Softube HeartBeat Drum Instrument
Softube's first instrument explores vintage beats

22-Oct-15    full story...

Softube's New Drum Synth Is Now Available
Heartbeat released for Mac and Windows

29-Jun-15    full story...

Softube News
iLok no longer necessary, summer sale announced and Console 1 updated

10-Jun-15    full story...

Update For Softube's Console 1
FFT frequency analyzer and more to be added to software/hardware hybrid mixer

01-May-15    full story...

More On Softube's Drum Synth
Now scheduled for summer release at $199

01-May-15    full story...

MESSE 2015: Software Drum Synth
Softube introduces Heartbeat

15-Apr-15    full story...

Dual Band Transient Tool Now Available
Softube releases Transient Shaper plug-in for Mac and Windows

09-Feb-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Dual Band Transient Shaper
Softube's new plug-in can affect the treble or bass portion of a sound separately for sustain and punch

22-Jan-15    full story...

Mutator In A Plug-In
Softube releases Mutronics Mutator stereo analog filter and envelope follower

19-Dec-14    full story...

Softube Console 1 And SSL XL9000 K Channel Strip
Hands on mixing controller with a twist

16-Nov-14    full story...

Softube Releases Console 1 For Windows
Mac version gets new features that enhance workflow

08-Oct-14    full story...

Softube September Sale
Heavy discounts on Softube's reverbs, delays and the Studio Collection

05-Sep-14    full story...

Marshall And Softube Form Strategic Partnership
Long term project already has several new guitar products under development

04-Sep-14    full story...

Softube Gets New UK Distributor
MSL Professional to distribute Softube in the UK and Ireland

24-Jun-14    full story...

Softube Console 1 Released Today
Hardware/software mixer with modelled SSL is now available worldwide

12-Feb-14    full story...

NAMM 2014: Softube Console 1 To Include SSL SL4000E Model

24-Jan-14    full story...

Softube Relaunches The Brilliance Pack
Three passive treble equalizers from Abbey Road

29-Nov-13    full story...

Integrated Hardware/Software Mixing Solution In Action
Softube posts a Console 1 demo video

21-May-13    full story...

  MESSE13: Integrated Hardware/Software Music Mixing Solution
Softube announces Console 1

10-Apr-13    full story...

Valley People Dyna-mite Rack Extension
Softube releases Valley People Dyna-mite plug-in for Reason

21-Jan-13    full story...

Summit In Software
Softube ships the Summit Audio Grand Channel and Summit Audio EQF-100 Equalizer plug-ins

06-Jul-12    full story...

Softube Reverb Available Separately
TSAR-1R was previously only available as part of a bundle

19-Apr-12    full story...

Softube Price Reduction
Plug-In prices dropped across the board

23-Feb-12    full story...

AESNY11: Softube Announces AAX Plug-Ins
Entire line of plug-ins support new Pro Tools AAX format from day one

24-Oct-11    full story...

Set-and-Forget Compressor
Softube launches Summit Audio TLA-100A plug-in with special introductory price

06-Oct-11    full story...

Softube Goes 64-Bit
All native plug-in formats updated for both Mac and Windows

29-Sep-11    full story...

Softube Sale
Up to 50% discount available

16-Sep-11    full story...

Tube-Tech Plug-Ins Available
Softube is shipping the Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle and ME 1B

18-Apr-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Softube TSAR-1 Reverb Plug
Simple, rich and deep is how they roll

24-Jan-11    full story...

New Reverb Plug-In
Softube ships TSAR-1 Reverb

27-Oct-10    full story...

Softube Launches New Webstore
To celebrate the launch, existing customers will receive a special discount for the next month

27-Oct-10    full story...

Softube Releases Tube-Tech EQ Plug-In
Pultec Style PE 1C equalizer is now available with an introductory offer

16-Jul-10    full story...

Tonelux Tilt In Plug-In Form
Softube is shipping the Tonelux Tilt for native (VST/AU/RTAS) and TDM formats

21-Jun-10    full story...

Softube Dyna-Mite Ships
Plug-in version of the Valley People Dyna-mite processor is available now

04-May-10    full story...

MESSE10: Dyna-mite Recreated In Software
Softube introduce a plug-in emulation of the Valley People Dyna-mite

24-Mar-10    full story...

Trident EQ In A Plug-In
Softube launches Trident A-Range for Native and TDM formats with introductory offer

01-Feb-10    full story...

Tube-Tech Compressor Emulated In Software
Softube announce the Tube-Tech CL 1B plug-in for native formats

02-Oct-09    full story...

Softube Launches Three Equalizers
Passive-Active Pack EQ plug-in collection is ow shipping

08-Jul-09    full story...

Software Bass Amps
Softube launches Bass Amp Room and announces the Amp Room Bundle

05-May-09    full story...

Softube Goes Solid State
The Swedish software company releases the FET Compressor plug-in

18-Dec-08    full story...

Softube Ship Spring Reverb Plug-In
Effect Bundle plug-in pack also announced

28-Aug-08    full story...

Tube Delay Plug-In
Softube ships the Tube Delay combined valve preamp and digital delay effect

08-Jul-08    full story...

The Most Aggressive Plug-In On The Planet?
Softube ships Metal Amp Room for VST/AU/RTAS

06-Jun-08    full story...

Guitar Feedback For Pro Tools
Softube ships Acoustic Feedback Deluxe TDM plug-in featuring Harmonic and Sub-Harmonic selectors

22-May-08    full story...

Vintage Amp Room Improved
All formats updated for both Mac and Windows (VST/AU/RTAS/TDM)

09-Apr-08    full story...

Guitar Feedback Simulated
Softube launches Acoustic Feedback plug-in

13-Nov-07    full story...

VST And AU Amp Simulation
Vintage Amp Room is now available for native platforms and PowerCore

17-Aug-07    full story...

Vintage Guitar Amps For Pro Tools
Softube Vintage Amp Room plug-in also works with VENUE and PowerCore

16-May-07    full story...

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