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Take The Panning Challenge
Try out SoundGym's arcade game for the ears for the chance to win some Adam monitors

12-Sep-17    full story...

A New Game To Train Your Ears
SoundGym EQ Cheetah aims to help development of better EQ instincts

28-Jul-17    full story...

How Well Do You Know Your Frequencies?
Try SoundGym's EQ Challenge for a chance to win ADAM F5 monitors

16-May-17    full story...

Train Your Ear To Detect Distortion
SoundGym reveals a new distortion ear training game

24-Mar-17    full story...

New Version Of Online Ear Training Platform
SoundGym v2.0 launches

17-Feb-17    full story...

Audio Ear Training Online
SoundGym is a new online audio ear training platform for producers and engineers

03-May-16    full story...

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