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Trap and Hip Hop Loops, One-shots And Kits
Soundtrack Loops releases Sub Chill

19-Jan-15    full story...

Sounds For Epic Movies
Soundtrack Loops releases Epic Orchestral Film Score and MIDIs loops and midi files

04-Dec-14    full story...

More Hip Hop Construction Kits
Soundtrack Loops releases Untrapped: Studio Hip Hop

04-Nov-14    full story...

Sounds For Halloween
Soundtrack Loops promotes some spooky libraries

27-Oct-14    full story...

DnB Loops And One-Shots
Soundtrack Loops releases Drum n Bass Action

14-Oct-14    full story...

Massive Dubstep
Soundtrack Loops releases Growl Arsenal

26-Aug-14    full story...

Chillout Sounds
Soundtraclk Loops releases Loop Theory Rejuvenation

18-Aug-14    full story...

Cinematic Sound Set
Soundtrack Loops releases Cinematic IDM - Loops, Midi and Drum Kits

07-Aug-14    full story...

Bass Goes Boom
New EDM sample set from Soundtrack Loops

30-Jun-14    full story...

Liza Fox Remix Contest
Remix Russian language version of Liza Fox's song Dynamite to win FL Studio and more

30-Jun-14    full story...

Ethereal Chords Progressions
Soundtrack Loops releases a sample set of 160 chord progressions and phrases

23-Jun-14    full story...

R&B Bass And Guitar Loops
Soundtrack Loops releases R&B Acoustic

17-Jun-14    full story...

15 Hip Hop Construction Kits
Soundtrack Loops releases The Art Of Hip Hop - Loops

04-Jun-14    full story...

Dubstep Construction Kits
Soundtrack Loops releases Deep Melodic Dubstep

19-May-14    full story...

Hip Hop Sound Set
Soundtrack Loops releases 3kt Hip Hop - Loops & MIDI

09-May-14    full story...

Big Hair Sounds
Soundtrack Loops releases 80s Glam Metal Loops & NI Kits

06-May-14    full story...

Soundtrack Loops Releases Elektro Pop
11 construction kits for K Pop, EDM, Dance, Pop, and Dubstep

14-Apr-14    full story...

Hip Hop Guitars
Soundtrack Loops releases sample set of riffs, hooks, melodies and chord patterns

03-Apr-14    full story...

Soundtrack Loops Releases Funk Lounge
12 construction kits for producing Funk, Space Disco and more

05-Mar-14    full story...

Soundtrack Loops Anniversary Sale
10 loop titles for only 8 dollars each

24-Feb-14    full story...

Dubstep Meets Electro Funk
Soundtrack Loops releases Hard Funk Live Racks and Multi-Format Loops

02-Jan-14    full story...

Halloween Themed Sound Effects
Soundtrack Loops releases Digital Nightmares

29-Oct-13    full story...

Funk Guitar Sounds
Soundtrack Loops releases Funk Guitar Loops and Samples

25-Sep-13    full story...

Spanish Guitar Loops
Soundtrack Loops releases Spanish Guitar Melodies sample pack

19-Aug-13    full story...

13 Rock Construction Kits
Soundtrack Loops releases Broadcast loops and samples

16-Aug-13    full story...

Brazilian Lounge Sounds
Soundtrack Loops releases Brazilian Lounge Live Loop Sessions

26-Jun-13    full story...

EDM MIDI Files And Loops
Soundtrack Loops releases Melodic EDM MIDI

29-May-13    full story...

Soundtrack Loops Releases Deep Chill Construction Kits
10 kits for Chillout, Ambient, Deep House, Trip Hop, Cinematic, and Downtempo

28-May-13    full story...

Construction Kits With An Asian Flavour
Soundtrack Loops releases Tokyo Downtempo royalty free loops in multiple Formats

04-Dec-12    full story...

Loops At 160BPM
Soundtrack Loops releases DnB Dark Speed for producing IDM and Drum 'n' Bass

07-Nov-12    full story...

Growlers and Screamers
Soundtrack Loops announces a set of dubstep loops in multiple formats

15-Oct-12    full story...

Where Dubstep Meets Funk
Soundtrack Loops releases Funkstep sample collection

04-Oct-12    full story...

Sounds For Dubstep
Soundtrack Loops releases Wicked Drops Dubstep Loops & Samples in multiple formats

20-Aug-12    full story...

Remix Contest
Soundtrack Loops announces remix contest sponsored by Acoustica Mixcraft 6

03-Aug-12    full story...

Ambient Sound Set
Soundtrack Loops announces Ambient Space Loops & Samples

07-Jun-12    full story...

Techno Sounds
Soundtrack Loops announces Pulsed Records Techno Structures Loops & Samples

28-May-12    full story...

Do You Produce Industrial Music With A Cinematic Theme?
Soundtrack Loops' latest sample pack has just what you need

10-May-12    full story...

Remix Competition
Soundtrack Loops offers prizes for remixes of Illustrated's Subtle Hints song

30-Apr-12    full story...

Soundtrack Loops Releases Loop Theory : Trip Hop
6 construction kits for producing Trip Hop, Downtempo, Chill Out and Glitch Hop

15-Mar-12    full story...

House Loops And Samples
Soundtrack Loops announces Bobby Deep Progressive House Producer

09-Mar-12    full story...

Jazzy Chill Out
Soundtrack Loops announces a fresh batch of loops, samples, and MIDI files

27-Feb-12    full story...

Rick James Drums sampled
Soundtrack Loops releases Super Freak Studio Drum Beats

13-Feb-12    full story...

Remix Contest
Soundtrack Loops announces the Madison Park 'Sunrise' Remix Contest

01-Feb-12    full story...

Hip Hop Loops And Samples
Soundtrack Loops releases Lyrical Drama

14-Dec-11    full story...

Soundtrack Loops releases Rap Traxx
7 instrumentals and the loops used to construct them

07-Nov-11    full story...

Soundtrack Loops Releases Rap Instrumentals
Royalty free set of loops and samples in multiple formats

26-Oct-11    full story...

California Electro Sounds
Soundtrack Loops announces L.A. Underground Electro loops and samples collection

31-Mar-10    full story...

Chilled Sounds
Soundtrack Loops releases Iced Chillout Lounge Loops & Samples

24-Nov-09    full story...

Fidget House announces the Fidget House loop pack collection

28-Oct-08    full story...

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