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More Sounds For The Korg Miniliogue
Ultimate Patches' Volume 2 features 200 original patches

18-Aug-17    full story...

Free Sounds For Your Roland JD-Xi
Ultimate Patches offers a free taster pack of 30 Roland JD-Xi patches

07-Jul-17    full story...

New Sounds For Your Korg Minilogue
Ultimate Patches for Korg Minilogue Vol. 1 features nearly 200 patches

08-Mar-17    full story...

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Using Chains and automation to switch keyboard setups

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Make sure you are prepared for any options

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Affordable Seaboard action

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3 Osc Mono Synth in Boutique form

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Accessing the Push Drum Interface

Martin Dubka Live performance At Cymru Beats 17 

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