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Legendary 1950's French Synth Revived
Soniccouture releases Ondioline for Kontakt

22-Dec-15    full story...

Imogen Heap Sounds For Kontakt
Soniccouture releases Box Of Tricks with a sampled selection of her instruments

09-Oct-15    full story...

Grand Piano Instrument for Kontakt
Soniccouture releases The Hammersmith in big and small versions

13-Apr-15    full story...

10 Sampled Vintage Instruments For Kontakt
Soniccouture releases The Attic for Kontakt Player

10-Apr-14    full story...

Free Concert Kazoos For Kontakt
Soniccouture sample a set of 25 rare tuned kazoos

01-Apr-14    full story...

Soniccouture Sale
Buy one get one free or 40% off - your choice

18-Dec-13    full story...

Soniccouture Releases Vibraphone
Sampled instrument with true tremolo modelling

21-Oct-13    full story...

Put The Sound Of Real Soundscapes In Your Pads And Soundscapes
Soniccouture releases Geosonics Kontakt instrument

08-Aug-13    full story...

Soniccouture Announce Free KSP Script Downloads
Get Scriptorium updates via their blog

19-Jul-13    full story...

Clavinet For Kontakt
Soniccouture releases Clav for Kontakt player

25-Jun-13    full story...

5 Octave Marimba Kontakt Instrument
Soniccouture release Grand Marimba

25-Feb-13    full story...

Drum And Percussion Instrument For Kontakt Player
Soniccouture releases Konkrete 3

05-Feb-13    full story...

Soniccouture Winter Sale
Special offers and a free Giant Bass Tongue Drum sample set for customers

10-Dec-12    full story...

Crowd-Sourced Sample Instrument Released
Soniccouture announce that their Crowdchoir project has been a great success

09-Jul-12    full story...

A Rhodes 73 Played Every Which Way
Soniccouture release EP73 Deconstructed Kontakt player instrument

14-May-12    full story...

Be Part Of A Giant Sampled Choir
Soniccouture launch the Crowd-Choir project to create a unique sampler instrument

26-Jan-12    full story...

Free Kontakt Sounds Download
Soniccouture re-released their first ever library, Abstrakt Vol1, as a free download

09-Dec-11    full story...

Soniccouture Announces Xmas Sale
Buy one get one free on all products

05-Dec-11    full story...

Dubstep And Breakbeat Loop Library
Soniccouture releases Tremors Vol.2

07-Nov-11    full story...

Instruments From The Attic Sampled
Soniccouture revitalise a broken Wurli, Philicorda transistor organ and an Omnichord

30-Sep-11    full story...

If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Sample It
Soniccouture introduces The Conservatoire Collection of baroque and renaissance musical instruments

30-Aug-11    full story...

Rock Creek Tongue Drums Up For Grabs
Soniccouture give away their instruments as competition prizes

04-Aug-11    full story...

Soniccouture releases Pan Drums for Kontakt Player
A major update of their hang drum instrument

07-Jun-11    full story...

Omnichord For The Japanese Tsunami Appeal
All proceeds from Soniccouture's sampled emulation go to the Red Cross appeal

29-Mar-11    full story...

Virtual Ondes Martenot
Soniccouture release Ondes for Kontakt Player recorded with Thomas Bloch

23-Mar-11    full story...

Soniccouture Announces XMas Deals
Up To 50% Off

06-Dec-10    full story...

Aluminum Percussion Instrument Sampled
Soniccouture release Morpheus for KONTAKT 3 + 4 and Logic EXS24

18-Nov-10    full story...

Soniccouture Releases Xtended Piano
5 instruments for Kontakt Player exploring extended piano techniques

15-Sep-10    full story...

Bamboo Percussion From Bali
Soniccouture release Tingklik for Kontakt, EXS24 and Ableton Live

19-Aug-10    full story...

5 Octave African Thumb Piano For Kontakt Player
Soniccouture release Array Mbira

19-Jul-10    full story...

Novachord For Kontakt
Soniccouture sample the world's �rst commercially available synthesizer

03-Jun-10    full story...

RMI Rocksichord Sampled
Soniccouture release a full Kontakt format rendering of the 1960s electric harpsichord for free

29-Mar-10    full story...

This Magic Code Can Get You Free Virtual Instruments
Christmas Sale At Soniccouture

07-Dec-09    full story...

Soniccouture Offers Free Download
Bowed Gamelan is free for anyone who has purchased 3 or more SC products from their new website

06-Nov-09    full story...

Soniccouture Release Glass / Works For Kontakt
A sampled collection of 3 instruments which generate sound from glass

09-Oct-09    full story...

Soniccouture Announces Glass Works

19-Sep-09    full story...

Soniccouture Announces Buy One, Get One Free Virtual Instrument Deal
To Celebate Updated Web Site

04-Sep-09    full story...

Rocks Rock
Soniccouture release The Skiddaw Stones sampled instrument based on 61 tuned and shaped rocks

04-Sep-09    full story...

Soniccouture Release New Balinese Gamelan Editions
Smaller 6GB and 2GB sets available in addition to 24GB set

25-Feb-09    full story...

Chinese Zither For Kontakt, EXS24 And Live
Soniccouture release GuZheng

12-Nov-08    full story...

Downright Unclassifiable Drumloops
Soniccouture release Tremors - Dubstep Drums & Atmospheric Breaks

30-Sep-08    full story...

Bowed Piano
Soniccouture release a new sampled instrument for EXS24 and Kontakt

05-Aug-08    full story...

Hang Drum For Logic
Soniccouture release Hang Drum in Logic EXS24 format

28-Jul-08    full story...

Kontakt Sound Design
Soniccouture release Kontakt Scriptorium: Sound Design Tools and Tutorials for Kontakt 2 and 3

10-Apr-08    full story...

Soniccouture Release Balinese Gamelan
25 individual Gamelan instruments in a 24GB Kontakt library

19-Feb-08    full story...

Gamelan For Kontakt
Soniccouture announce their Balinese Gamelan sampled instrument

20-Dec-07    full story...

Soniccouture Christmas Sale
Up to 40 Percent off all download purchases until Christmas eve

10-Dec-07    full story...

Free Drum Kit For Kontakt And Battery
Soniccouture release their variable ambience Brush Kit as a free download

16-Oct-07    full story...

Hi-Tech Drum Loops
Soniccouture release Abstrakt Breaks2

29-Jun-07    full story...

The Sound Of The eBow
Soniccouture release eBow Guitar sample set for Kontakt2 and EXS24

15-May-07    full story...

Synthi AKS For EXS24
Soniccouture release legendary E.M.S. analogue synth samples

23-Mar-07    full story...

Solid Set In Konkrete
Soniccouture release Konkrete2 Drum & Percussion Library

06-Mar-07    full story...

Soniccouture Announce Christmas Sale
30 percent off all download purchases until Christmas eve

18-Dec-06    full story...

Thai Dulcimer For EXS24
Soniccouture release KIM, a multi-sampled Thai dulcimer instrument in EXS24 format

04-Dec-06    full story...

Unstable Analogue Madness?
Soniccouture release E.M.S. Synthi AKS for Kontakt 2

07-Nov-06    full story...

Variable Ambience Drums Now Available
Soniccouture Variable Ambience Drums for Battery2 and Kontakt2 availailable for download at new lower price

13-Oct-06    full story...

Glitchy Loops And More...
Soniccouture Release Abstrakt Breaks : Glitch + IDM

15-Sep-06    full story...

Kontakt 2 Bass Library In Bite-Sized Chunks
Soniccouture Abstrakt : Bass is now available for download in 3 separate parts

23-Aug-06    full story...

Complete Bass Workstation For Kontakt 2
Soniccouture release Abstrakt : Bass

10-Aug-06    full story...

Soniccouture Release Kim
Multi-sampled Thai Dulcimer for Kontakt2

07-Jul-06    full story...

Soniccouture Launch New Website
Sound libraries available as paid downloads

27-Jun-06    full story...

Drums With Variable Ambience for Kontakt 2.1
Soniccouture Release Variable Ambience Drums Kontakt 2.1 Edition

08-May-06    full story...

NAMM06: Soniccouture Release Abstrakt: Konkrete
Glitch Drums & Synthetic Percussion Library for Reason NN-XT, HALion, EXS24, Kontakt & Battery

02-Feb-06    full story...

Last Chance for Soniccouture Xmas Offer and FREE Stuff
20% off until 25th Of December - Free Kontakt gifts too

15-Dec-05    full story...

New Drumkits For Battery And Kontakt
Soniccouture Release Variable Ambience Drums

25-Oct-05    full story...

Advanced Sampling Synthesis Library for Kontakt2
Abstrakt Vol.1 Released

26-Aug-05    full story...

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