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Access Reissue Virus Darkstar Synth
See it at Berlin's first Superbooth keyboard exhibition

07-Mar-16    full story...

Tutorial: Integrating Access Virus Ti In Ableton Live
Blogger Adam McLellan AKA Snug explains

20-May-13    full story...

Limited Edition Of 15 Access Synths
Access announces the Virus TI Snow Black Edition

23-Nov-12    full story...

  WNAMM12: Access Virus Ti OS5
Check out whats coming up

30-Jan-12    full story...

Access Wants To Send You To Boot Camp
Intros New Virus 'Boot Camp' Video Series

28-Jul-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Access Virus OS 4.5 Higlights
Complex chorus FX and more

17-Jan-11    full story...

Save 20% On Everything
Access Holiday Sale For 2 Days Only

04-Dec-10    full story...

Signature Soundsets For Virus TI
VTG Electro and Richard Devine Signature Sounds Sets available now for free download

05-Aug-10    full story...

Do Something New With Your Vuvuzela And You Could Get A Virus
Access Announces Virus Vuvuzela Song Contest

25-Jun-10    full story...

  WNAMM10: Virus TI OS4
OS Upgrade From Access

17-Jan-10    full story...

Virus TI OS Update
OS3 gets its official release

14-May-09    full story...

WNAMM09: Access Virus TI2
Virus TI2 availability announced and OS3 Public Beta made available for download

15-Jan-09    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Snow In The Summer - The Virus Ti Snow Reviewed.
A small, big, fat, Total Integration synthesizer

22-Aug-08    full story...

WNAMM08: Virus TI Upgrade
Access Music announces OS 2.7 for the Virus TI platform

25-Jan-08    full story...

  WNAMM08: Snow On Show
Not flaky - just the Access Virus TI in a small white package

19-Jan-08    full story...

  WNAMM08: Slice And Dice With Access TI
It's the Access Atomizer...

19-Jan-08    full story...

Most Affordable Virus TI Ever
Access unveil the compact-sized Virus TI Snow

14-Jan-08    full story...

Virus TI Upgrade
Access release OS 2.5 with RTAS version of Virus Control

29-Aug-07    full story...

Virus TI Bug Fixes
Software Version 2.0.5. maintenance release is now available

18-May-07    full story...

Access Virus TI Update
New sound sets and tutorial videos with Virus TI Software Suite 2.03

13-Apr-07    full story...

Virus TI OS Upgrade
Version 2.0.2 is a maintenance release but also introduces new sounds

08-Mar-07    full story...

WNAMM07: Version 2 Access Virus TI Debuts
New OS adds adds Graintable, Formant-based oscillators and enhanced Wavetable synthesis

22-Jan-07    full story...

Virus TI Gets OS Upgrade
OS 1.2.3 for the Access synth adds Intel Mac support

01-Sep-06    full story...

SNAMM06: Access Virus Gets OS Upgrade
TI range of synthesizers now on OS 1.2.1

22-Jul-06    full story...

Virus TI OS 1.1 Public Beta Download
New OS for flagship synth

07-Jun-06    full story...

  WNAMM06: Virus OS Update TIOS 1.1
New OS for Ti

01-Feb-06    full story...

New Access Virus Here At Last
Three Virus TI Models Available Worldwide From October

23-Sep-05    full story...

  WNAMM05: Access Virus Ti In Da House
We get the world exclusive of the uber synth.

24-Jan-05    full story...

New Virus Range From Access Provides Total Integration
The Virus TI, more polyphony, waveforms and USB connection

08-Nov-04    full story...

Access Unlimited For PowerCore
That gives you a 64 Voice, 16-part Virus and more

18-Oct-04    full story...

  WNAMM04: Virus infects Powercore, and more Access news
Get your shots here

31-Jan-04    full story...

NAMM: First Virus for PowerCore Platform
Access announce the new Virtual Instrument for PowerCore – and it’s a peach

15-Jan-04    full story...

New OS For Access Updates Filters
Moog filter models too

11-Jan-04    full story...

New Christmas Virus OS Ready For Download
Verssion 6.5 for C, KC, Indigo2 and rack XL

10-Nov-03    full story...

Access Virus Rack Price Drop
Reductions for Virus rack classic, and XL

14-Jun-03    full story...

Access Excess With Support Chat
Access launch web-based support chat room

23-May-03    full story...

MESSE: Access Release Collectable Indigo II
The limited edition Indigo II Redback signature edition

05-Mar-03    full story...

New Virus C Patches From Cosmic Dreamer
Do Access-folk have time to sleep?

03-Oct-02    full story...

Access Virus Classic Rack OS2.0 - Out Now
They've been busy in Access-land

03-Oct-02    full story...

The whole range gets a re-vamp

15-Mar-02    full story...

WNAMM02:Access Virus Indigo for TDM
The headline says it all really

25-Jan-02    full story...

Remix The Virus And Win a Virus Rack
Do the do on the demo song and you could win one...

12-Dec-01    full story...

New Christmas Virus?
Another update from the tweakmeisters @ Access

07-Nov-01    full story...

Synths Hit with Yet Another Virus Update
The Access coders release several new updates for Virus range

09-Aug-01    full story...

New Virus Versions For Access
Update your Virus b, Virus kb or Virus Indigo

04-Jul-01    full story...

Virus Hits TDM Users with More Sounds
Made you look! - VirusTDM has a new bunch o patches

30-Apr-01    full story...

MESSE: OS2.8 for Virus A
Teach an old synth new tricks

19-Mar-01    full story...

Download The Latest Virus Now
It's an OS Update....

08-Feb-01    full story...

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