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Camel Audio News
Updates for CamelPhat and CamelSpace plus 35% discount sale

25-Sep-14    full story...

Steamworx For Alchemy Mobile
Camel Audio adapts and optimises one of their most popular sound libraries for Alchemy Mobile

12-Aug-14    full story...

Camel Alchemy Sound Libraries Half-Price
50% discount offered until July 20th

04-Jul-14    full story...

Glitch-Driven Sounds For Alchemy
Camel Audio releases Artificial Intelligence sound library

17-Jun-14    full story...

Free Sound Library For Alchemy
Camel Audio's Bandura Micro Library features a traditional Ukrainian folk instrument

28-Apr-14    full story...

Alchemy Mobile Updated Again
v2.2.12 contains a number of improvements

25-Mar-14    full story...

New Sounds For Alchemy
Camel Audio releases Electronic Synths and Minimal Loops Micro Libraries

18-Mar-14    full story...

The Sounds Of Iceland
Camel Audio release their latest sound library for Alchemy

13-Feb-14    full story...

Free Desktop Sound Library For Camel's iOS Customers
All owners of Alchemy Mobile Pro to get Taste of Camel for the free Alchemy Player

05-Feb-14    full story...

Upgrade To Alchemy Mobile Pro For Half Price
December offer plus Alchemy Mobile upgraded with improved features

23-Dec-13    full story...

Camel Audio Sale
50% discount on Alchemy and reduced price on bundles

03-Dec-13    full story...

Free Didgeridoo For Alchemy
Camel Audio gives Alchemy owners 25 new presets and 84MB of content

29-Nov-13    full story...

Alchemy Mobile Updated
v2.2.5 includes numerous improvements and brand new features

27-Nov-13    full story...

Camel Audio Releases Atmospheric For Alchemy Mobile
In-app purchases provides pads, strings, soundscapes and effects

25-Nov-13    full story...

Camel Audio Water Library Charity Success
£30,000 raised for sustainable clean-water projects in developing countries

18-Oct-13    full story...

Alchemy Mobile Update
Support for iOS 7 and Inter-App Audio added, Water sound library released

26-Sep-13    full story...

Techno Sounds For Alchemy
Camel Audio releases Minimal Techno for Alchemy & Alchemy Player

03-Jul-13    full story...

Camel Audio Updates Alchemy Mobile
New manual and support for the general pasteboard added

28-May-13    full story...

iOS Synth Updated
Camel Audio releases Alchemy Mobile v2

02-May-13    full story...

Buy One Sound Library, Get One Free
Camel Audio announces Alchemy offer during March

13-Mar-13    full story...

Camel Audio Alchemy Player Updated
v1.55 offers many new enhancements

20-Feb-13    full story...

Powered By Alchemy Library Shipping
Camel Audio announces availability of Biolabs: Light Space

07-Feb-13    full story...

Otherworldly Sounds
Camel Audio releases Biolabs: Light Space for Alchemy and Alchemy Player

17-Jan-13    full story...

Another Alchemy Update
Camel Audio's sample manipulation synth gets some improvements

14-Nov-12    full story...

Beatboxing Sound Library For Alchemy
Camel Audio's Shlomo Beatbox features manipulated beats and vocal instruments

27-Sep-12    full story...

Alchemy Updated
Camel Audio releases Alchemy v1.5 and celebrates with a 20% off sale

26-Sep-12    full story...

Camel Audio News
Alchemy Mobile 1.1.35 released, sale offers 60% off electronic sound libraries

06-Sep-12    full story...

Flexible Arpeggiated Sounds
Camel Audio releases Arp Dimensions and Bonus Library

16-Dec-10    full story...

Cinematic Sounds
Camel Audio releases Cinematic Atmospheres and Impacts Sound Libraries

28-Oct-10    full story...

New Alchemy Sound Library
Camel Audio releases Electronic Bass Sound Library

08-Oct-10    full story...

Camel Audio - Sounds from the Bionic Chair?
Alchemy Factory Bonus 3 Presets and Samples Update

30-Jul-10    full story...

Camel Audio Releases Two New Sound Libraries
Himalaya: Pads and Viral Outbreak are now available

09-Jul-10    full story...

Camel Audio Products Up For Grabs
Caption a picture and win an Alchemy, plus a CamelSpace and a CamelPhat

12-May-10    full story...

Camel Audio Releases Alchemy Player
Free with any Soundbank - turns the bank into a standalone instrument in its own right!

09-Mar-10    full story...

New Alchemy Soundbanks
Camel Audio releases Cinematic and Dance&Trance Soundbanks

09-Mar-10    full story...

New Alchemy Sounds
Camel Audio release Biolabs and Junkie XL soundbanks and offer a free soundbank for Alchemy purchasers

23-Feb-10    full story...

Latest Camel Audio News
Alchemy Updated, new soundbank and competition announced

05-Oct-09    full story...

Alchemy Updated
Camel Audio release a demo version of Alchemy and update Alchemy to v1.08

27-Feb-09    full story...

Alchemy Unleashed
Camel Audio release new sample manipulation synth after 4 years in development

22-Dec-08    full story...

The Ultimate Sample Manipulation Synthesizer?
Camel Audio announce Alchemy

17-Sep-08    full story...

Camel Audio News
New soundbanks and special offers announced

14-May-08    full story...

CamelSpace And CamelPhat Updated
Camel Audio release updates to plug-ins and announce Winter Sale

07-Dec-07    full story...

Camel Puts It About
Camel Audio plug-ins included with Receptor, MixMeister and WireTap Studio

24-Oct-07    full story...

Camels Get Higher
Camel Audio releases CamelPhat v3.41 and CamelSpace v1.41

02-May-07    full story...

Half Price Camel
Camel Audio offer Cameleon 5000 synth at 50% discount during May

02-May-07    full story...

Cameleon Synth Goes Universal Binary
Camel Audio release Cameleon 5000 v1.7 with Intel Mac support

05-Dec-06    full story...

Cameleon changes into 1.6
New update from camel Audio

30-Sep-05    full story...

Camel High On Absynth
Offers 400 presets and 300MB library

06-Sep-05    full story...

New Updates from Camel Audio
Phat gets Phatter, Space Spacier?

06-Jul-05    full story...

  Camel Audio's New Bundle of Joy
PhatSpace - two new plugs in one product

09-May-05    full story...

  MESSE05: The Camel Gets Phatter
CamelSpace plug and a major update from Camel Audio

12-Apr-05    full story...

  Camel Audio Upgrade Cameleon 5000
Does that mean it gets three humps?

06-Jan-05    full story...

Cameleon 5000 Group Buy Through LUG
Logic-users unite to get soft savings

08-Jul-04    full story...

  MESSE04: Cameleon - A Synth of Many Colours
Additive Morphing Resynthesizer

04-Apr-04    full story...

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