News / From: Virsyn
Multi Band Frequency Shifter For iPad/iPhone
Virsyn BandShift can manipulate the pitch of complex sound sources in realtime

27-Mar-17    full story...

Audio Slicer For iPad/iPhone
Virsyn releases ReSlice Audio Slice Machine

19-Jan-17    full story...

Multi Effect Processor For iPad/iPhone
Virsyn AudioEffX features 7 effects modules chained together in any order

05-Dec-16    full story...

Hybrid Synth For iPad
Virsyn Addictive Pro features a unique form of Wavetable oscillators

19-Sep-16    full story...

Voice-Controlled Synthesizer
Virsyn announce the release of VoxSyn for iPad/iPhone

27-Jun-16    full story...

Virsyn Releases Poseidon Synth For iPad
An ocean of sound on your Apple tablet

09-Nov-15    full story...

A Choir On Your iPhone?
Virsyn announce the release of Emo Chorus for iPad/iPhone

31-Aug-15    full story...

Tap Delay For iPad/iPhone
Virsyn's new app combines a step sequencer-like tapped delay engine with tape simulation

29-Jul-15    full story...

MIDI Arpeggiator For iPad
Virsyn Arpeggist is available now

01-Jun-15    full story...

Virsyn Launches Spring Sale
Price reductions on many products

11-Mar-15    full story...

Virsyn Announces Xmas Sale
Big price reductions until the end of the year

10-Dec-14    full story...

Virsyn Autumn Sale
Up to 40% off FX Plug-Ins

14-Oct-14    full story...

Virsyn Updates
TERA and CUBE go 64-Bit, promo offer announced

28-Aug-14    full story...

Modular Synth For iPad
Virsyn releases Tera Synth

04-Aug-14    full story...

The Ocean Of Sound Gets Deeper
Virsyn announces the release of a native 64 bit version for POSEIDON

18-Jun-14    full story...

Vocoder Updated
Virsyn release version 2.3 of MATRIX for Mac and Windows

20-May-14    full story...

Waveshaping Synthesis For Your iPad
Virsyn releases microTERA

26-Feb-14    full story...

Virsyn Xmas Sale
Big Discounts On Plug-In Effects until the end of the month

13-Dec-13    full story...

Addictive microSynth Goes Audiobus
Virsyn releases version 1.5 of their iOS wavetable synth

04-Nov-13    full story...

Spectral Morphing Additive Synth For iPad
Virsyn releases Cube Synth

07-Oct-13    full story...

Reverb For iOS
VirSyn announce the release of AudioReverb for Audiobus and your iTunes music library

08-Aug-13    full story...

Singing Vocoder Gets Audiobus
Virsyn announces Version 2.5 of iVoxel

21-Jun-13    full story...

iPad Synth Gets Audiobus And FM
Virsyn releases Addictive Synth for iPad Version 2.1

15-Mar-13    full story...

Virsyn Plug-In News
64bit Mac versions for all FX plugins / Winter special offer

06-Feb-13    full story...

iOS Harmony Generator Updated
Virsyn updates Harmony Voice and introduces 40% off offer

27-Nov-12    full story...

App Turns Your Voice Into A Choir
Virsyn Harmony Voice is a harmonizer for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

27-Sep-12    full story...

Virsyn Announces September Offers
Late summer special offer alongside Matrix 2.2 release

11-Sep-12    full story...

Vocal Designer Goes 64bit
Virsyn announces the release of KLON 1.1

23-Nov-11    full story...

Electronic Music Studio For iPad
VirSyn and create the iSyn Poly with 3 synths, drum machine and sequencer

23-Jun-11    full story...

Filterband/Compressor Goes 64bit
Virsyn announce the release of BARK 1.5.

16-Jun-11    full story...

Singing Vocoder For Macs
Virsyn iVoxel is now available for the Mac platform

22-Feb-11    full story...

Virsyn Vocoder Updated
Matrix 2.1 goes 64-bit

03-Feb-11    full story...

Vocoder For iOS Updated
Virsyn iVoxel 1.3 is available and is now Akai SynthStation25 compatible

28-Oct-10    full story...

Singing Vocoder App Updated
iVoxel version 1.2 is now available

31-Aug-10    full story...

Vocoder For iPhone/iPod And iPad
Virsyn announce iVoxel, the singing vocoder

22-Jul-10    full story...

MESSE10: Vocoder Update
Virsyn release Matrix 2.0 Voice Coder with added filter and other features

25-Mar-10    full story...

Pump Up Your Voice
Virsyn release KLON-The Vocal Designer

07-Oct-09    full story...

The Rhythmiser Updated
Virsyn release version 1.01 of FDELAY

09-Sep-09    full story...

Reflect Updated
Virsyn add new presets to their algorithmic reverb

21-Jul-09    full story...

Algorithmic Reverb Updated
Virsyn announce the release of REFLECT 2.0

02-Jul-09    full story...

iSyn Updated
Virtual music studio for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch platform gets new features

28-May-09    full story...

Virtual Music Studio For iPhone and VirSyn announce iSyn for for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch platforms

15-Apr-09    full story...

Virsyn Matrix Updated
New features added in version 1.2.1

20-Mar-09    full story...

Pimp Your Loops
Virsyn announce the release of FDELAY - The Rhythmiser

26-Feb-09    full story...

Virsyn Update FX Plug-Ins
Bark, Matrix, Prism, Reflect, Tdesign and Vtape are all updated

09-Feb-09    full story...

Pitch Shift Each Separate Audio Band
Virsyn announce Prism - The Pitch Designer

01-Aug-08    full story...

BARK Not Worse Than Its Bytes
Virsyn’s BARK Multiband Filter offers critical band equalization and compression

29-May-08    full story...

Analog Tape FX Plug-Ins Updated
Visyn VTAPE version 1.2 adds multichannel and VST3 capability

18-Apr-08    full story...

Algorithmic Reverb Updated
Virsyn REFLECT reaches version 1.4

28-Mar-08    full story...

MESSE08: Transient Shaping Plug-In
Virsyn announce the release of their TDESIGN transient designer

14-Mar-08    full story...

Algorithmic Reverb Goes Surround
Virsyn update REFLECT plug-in

27-Feb-08    full story...

First VST3 Plug-In Updated
Virsyn Update their MATRIX Vocoder to 1.1.1

15-Feb-08    full story...

Matrix Updated
Version 1.1 of the Virsyn vocoder is VST3 compatible

05-Feb-08    full story...

Tape Flanging Simulated
Virsyn update VTAPE Analog Tape Suite to version 1.1 with flanger and bug fixes

30-Jan-08    full story...

Vocoder For The 21st Century
Virsyn announce MATRIX - The Voice Coder

02-Jan-08    full story...

Analogue Tape Suite Updated
Virsyn VTAPE now in version 1.01

29-Nov-07    full story...

Analogue Tape Simulated And Sequenced
Virsyn release VTAPE The Analog Tape Suite

09-Nov-07    full story...

Plug-In Features Enhanced Reverb Tails
Virsyn update REFLECT to 1.2 with revised algorithm to simulate air movement in rooms

24-Oct-07    full story...

Virsyn -Time to Reflect
REFLECT goes to V1.1.1

27-Sep-07    full story...

Algorithmic Reverb Gets New Rooms
Virsyn upgrade Reflect to v1.1 with 50 new programs

20-Sep-07    full story...

Technologies Combine For Sense Of Space
Virsyn release the REFLECT Algorithmic Reverb plug-in

28-Aug-07    full story...

Poseidon's Pole Position
New version 1.4 of Virsyn synth adds PoleZero filter

16-Jul-07    full story...

TERA Updated
Virsyn release TERA 3.2.1 with new features and bugfixes

27-Jun-07    full story...

Poseidon Presets Provided
Virsyn announce the release of Poseidon 1.3 with 80 new presets

18-Jun-07    full story...

miniTERA Update
Version 2.1 gets improvements and bugfixes

31-May-07    full story...

Poseidon Updated
Virsyn release of Poseidon 1.2 with new features and bugfixes

22-May-07    full story...

Who’s Hiding In A Box?
Doh! Virsyn ship Poseidon in a box

24-Apr-07    full story...

Poseidon Up
Virsyn release Poseidon 1.01

12-Apr-07    full story...

Adventurous Synth
Virsyn Announce Poseidon - The Ocean of Sound

26-Mar-07    full story...

miniTera Reaches Version 2
Universal Binary support and 100 new presets added

27-Feb-07    full story...

CUBE Updated
Virsyn announce the release of CUBE 2.2 with improvements and new sounds

14-Feb-07    full story...

CANTOR Upgraded To Version 2.1
New voice model added to the plug-in that makes your computer sing

07-Feb-07    full story...

Virsyn Update TERA
TERA 3.2 includes Intel Mac support plus improvements and bugfixes

11-Jan-07    full story...

CANTOR 2 Demo Version Online
Check out Virsyn’s latest vocal synthesis for yourselves

13-Dec-06    full story...

New Vocal Synthesis Technology
VirSyn releases CANTOR 2 - revised from the ground up

04-Dec-06    full story...

Make Your Computer Sing
Virsyn Cantor 2 available soon – check out the preview

02-Nov-06    full story...

More Sides to a Cube
VirSyn update Cube 2.1 for MacIntel and RTAS

19-Jun-06    full story...

VirSyn Release Tera 3.1.0
Loads of improvements and bugfixes

15-Feb-06    full story...

VirSyn Introduces miniTERA Software Synth
Free to TERA 3 owners

13-Jan-06    full story...

VirSyn TERA 3 has 16 Pole Filters
New version, lots of new features

22-Dec-05    full story...

Win a VirSyn Thing
Summer Compo

04-Jul-05    full story...

Virsyn Releases Cube 2
Definately doesn't sound square

26-Apr-05    full story...

  VirSyn Cantor 1.5 Totally Revised
The singing synth gets some serious surgery

21-Dec-04    full story...

VirSyn Offer D’cota Crossgrade
Save a ton

19-Nov-04    full story...

VirSyn Updates Tera 2, Cube and Cantor
Available now.

13-Oct-04    full story...

  Virsyn Cantor Updated
Vocal synthesizer gets tweaked

06-Aug-04    full story...

  Cantor Vocal Synthesis Now Available
Hot Messe product is ready

06-Jul-04    full story...

  MESSE04: VirSyn Cantor Synthesizes Vocals
Realtime phoneme based vocal synthesis

04-Apr-04    full story...

Virsyn Release TERA 2.0.1
ReWire support and more

24-Feb-04    full story...

VirSyn TERA-rise with Version 2.0
Acclaimed soft modular upgrade now available

01-Dec-03    full story...

NAMM: VirSynTera For Mac OS X
They're making with the AudioUnits

16-Jan-03    full story...

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