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Exclusive: iZotope IRIS 2 First Look
Massive modulation expansion

20-Nov-14    full story...

iZotope Ozone 6 Is Here
Even more mastering goodnees

30-Oct-14    full story...

New Version Of iZotope Mastering System
Ozone 6 is coming soon

08-Oct-14    full story...

  Presentation: iZotope RX4 Audio Restoration
We get to check out the new features

25-Sep-14    full story...

iZotope Drop RX4 For Even More Restoration
Advanced also adds a lot more features

12-Sep-14    full story...

Next Generation Audio Repair Toolkit Available
iZotope releases RX 4: Complete Audio Repair and Enhancement

12-Sep-14    full story...

Next Generation Audio Repair Suite
iZotope announces RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced

12-Aug-14    full story...

Two Days To Save On iZotope Breaktweaker
50 bucks off before end of July

30-Jul-14    full story...

New BreakTweaker Expansion Pack
iZotope releases Modern Grooves by Black Octopus

18-Jul-14    full story...

iZotope Releases New Iris Sound Library
Iris Resonant available now as part of the new Iris+8 bundle

13-May-14    full story...

Catch BT's Ear And Win A Release
iZotope and Beatport Play launch BT Producer Challenge

09-Apr-14    full story...

New Mixing Guide
iZotope releases Mixing with iZotope: Principles, Tips, and Techniques

18-Mar-14    full story...

Hobbit Sound Designer Talks Technique
iZotope Masters Q&A Series Part 3 features Dave Whitehead

11-Feb-14    full story...

  NAMM 2014: iZotope Break Tweaker Demo
Some interesting features for the beat freak

25-Jan-14    full story...

NAMM 2014: iZotope and BT Release BreakTweaker
Drum sculpting and beat sequencing environment for beats you've never heard before

23-Jan-14    full story...

Q&A On Post Production Dialogue Mixing
iZotope Masters Q&A Series, Part 2 features Steve Tibbo

10-Dec-13    full story...

iZotope Launches Masters Q&A Series
Sound design for gaming in the spotlight

26-Nov-13    full story...

iZotope Offers Iris Freebies And November Discount
Iris Cookbook, Synths Sound Library, and 30% off

20-Nov-13    full story...

Online Guide To Overcoming Common Audio Repair Problems
iZotope releases Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips and Techniques

06-Nov-13    full story...

New Version Of Vocal Production Suite Ships
iZotope releases Nectar 2

18-Oct-13    full story...

iZotope Gets An Emmy
Engineering Emmy awarded for RX Audio Repair Technology

03-Oct-13    full story...

iZotope Announces New Version Of Vocal Processor
Nectar 2 will be available in October

19-Sep-13    full story...

  iZotope RX3 Is Released - In Depth Video
We take a look at the new features

12-Sep-13    full story...

Audio Repair And Restoration Tools Updated
iZotope announces RX 3 and RX 3 Advanced

12-Aug-13    full story...

iZotope Products Ready For Pro Tools 11
Insight, Ozone 5, and Trash 2 get 64bit AAX support

11-Jul-13    full story...

iZotope Expands Trash 2
Classic Textures Pack released

18-Jun-13    full story...

Two New Sound Libraries For Iris
iZotope releases Iris+7 bundle with Altered and Modular sound libraries

09-May-13    full story...

Vocal Master Class Featuring iZotope Nectar
John Perry's videos feature both Nectar and Nectar Elements

02-May-13    full story...

MESSE13: iZotope Licenses Technology To Steinberg
iZotope's MBIT+ Dither to be Included in WaveLab 8

11-Apr-13    full story...

MESSE13: iZotope Radius To Be Included In Ignite
AIR Music Technology licenses the time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology

09-Apr-13    full story...

Plug-Ins For Vocal Production
iZotope introduces Nectar Elements

20-Mar-13    full story...

  WNAMM13: iZotope Insight Metering
Fully featured metering package

31-Jan-13    full story...

iZotope Announces AAX Native Support For Nectar and Ozone 5
Vocal suite and mastering system can be used in Pro Tools 10

24-Jan-13    full story...

Distort, Mangle And Transform Audio
iZotope releases the next generation of Trash

20-Nov-12    full story...

AES12: The Ultimate Distortion And Audio Mangling Toolbox
iZotope announces Trash 2 a decade after the release of its predecessor

31-Oct-12    full story...

iZotope Sonicstate Iris Competition Results!
Winners get ready to shop

17-Sep-12    full story...

Play With The Sounds Of Childhood
iZotope releases the Iris Toys Sound Library

13-Sep-12    full story...

iZotope Iris Compo Win Up To $2k
Did we mention it already? Get to it!

18-Aug-12    full story...

Iris Competition, $7k Prize Fund - Rocking Entries So Far
Download your free demo and enter

08-Aug-12    full story...

Mastering Tool For Reason
iZotope's new Ozone Maximizer Rack Extension is designed to complement Reason workflow

15-Jun-12    full story...

  Sonic LAB: iZotope IRIS Developer Presentation
GForce show us what the new Spectral synth can do

01-May-12    full story...

iZotope Release IRIS Spectral Synthesizer
Endless creative potential

17-Apr-12    full story...

iZotope - What Are They Up To?
Mysterious video transmissions hint at something

11-Apr-12    full story...

  WNAMM11: BT Demonstrates StutterEdit
New creative plug-in with iZotope

15-Jan-11    full story...

Complete Vocal Processing Toolkit
iZotope announces Nectar

05-Nov-10    full story...

Repair Your Audio
iZotope release RX2 and RX2 Advanced audio repair toolkits

30-Sep-10    full story...

  WNAMM10: iZotope Alloy Mix Plugin
Nicely designed channel tools

22-Jan-10    full story...

Essential Mixing Tools
Izotope release Alloy featuring key dynamics and sound shaping effects

06-Oct-09    full story...

  WNAMM09: iZotope Ozone 4 Is Here
Rejoice, RTAS, AU, MAS, VST users

28-Jan-09    full story...

iDrum For iPhone Available
Beat creation application now at the Apple Store

12-Aug-08    full story...

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